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    Angry 05RUBICON

    Well I was wondering if any of you guys heard of any problems with the 4.0 liter in the 2005 wrangler Rubicon's.
    I have one that has 54,000 on the drive train and i have been running Mobil 1 in it and now have some engine problems. It started out last week with a intermittent miss fire so I figured it was time for a tune up. I replaced the spark plugs, oil, filter, and coil. I thought it was good that night but on the way back to work the miss fire was back along with a tick noise. I did some investigating and found that the number 2 cylinder exhaust valve was not oping as much at the intake. I was thinking well maybe a bad lifter. I drove it to work the next day and that is were all went from bad to worse. On the way home the Jeep started back firing and such so i parked it. I well took engine apart and found that the number 2 cylinder exhaust valve cam lobe wore all the way through the lifter and cased a oil leak through the bottom of the lifter. I was wondering Is this normal or am I just the lucky one?

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    Not knowing when you started using Modil 1, but I have been told by a few different auto techs that you should not use sync oil in a 4.0 TJ after it has miles on it. The average number was after 20,000 miles.

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    Well just got off the phone with comp cams were i bought my new cam kit I just found out that the engines with flat tappets there is only a few oils that are any good. The government has made the oil company's take out the zinc from the oil's. This is what was keeping the lifters from wearing because of the metal on metal contacts. They advised me of Valvoline VR1 racing oil and then the other is the Rotela T oil's. So it is looking like leave the expensive stuff on the shelf. Just thought I would let all of you know the information that I got from the camshaft manufacture. Well live and learn, it is a little easier to move now seeing that the cash in my pocket is not weighing me down anymore.........


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