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Trail Maintenance

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Other volunteer opportunities in May also include Trail Maintenance. Several groups will be heading out in May to clear the routes of debris and make sure the safety and confidence signs are in place. If you do not belong to a club that participates, we should be able to find you a group to help out. Our list of clubs (and their "home base") and their ORV routes are as follows:

West Branch/St Helen - Soldier of Fortune Offroad (SoFO), Metro Detroit
Mio - Two Trackers 4WD Club, Grand Rapids
North Branch - Tri City Trailriders, Tri-cities area (Bay City-Saginaw-Midland)
Indian River/Red Bridge (trail and route)/Grand Traverse - ATV Offroad (not sure if they really have a geographical location)
Atlanta - What Lies Beyond Jeep Club, Flint

If you live or vacation near these areas, like to hang out there, or just read that list and discovered one of these clubs is from your neighborhood, let us know and we will help you make contact with the right folks.

If you ride trails or routes that are not getting the attention they need and want to see if you can adopt that section of trail/route, let me know. The DNR trail techs have recently added Red Bridge and Grand Traverse to our grant because members of ATV Offroad asked if they could take over some neglected miles.

If you have a trail/route that you want to see added to the DNR trail system, let me know. The DNR usually gives the first option to the club that does the planning and creates the proposal.

If you want to help with a trail/route maintenance project and have a group already assembled but need a place to go, let me know. We get the opportunity to add miles to our grant on a regular basis, and will be adding a new club and a new route (Outcast 4x4 Club, West Higgins Lake) within the next few months because they asked if we could find a project for them.

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