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"The Four Wheelers Code"

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As published in the Summer 1979 Boondocker:

As members of the American public who operate four wheel drive vehicles to enjoy the awe-inspiring scenery of our mountains, valleys, deserts, forests, marshes, and meadows, and all of the other back country areas of the nation, we will:

  • Leave the land and its vegetation as we find it

  • Help preserve plant life and soil by limiting travel to established roads and trails

  • Avoid cutting swtchbacks and driving through moist meadows which will leave permanent scars

  • Protect the history of the nation by not destroying old mining camps, ghost towns, diggings, or other historic or natural values

  • Respect the rights and property of other user groups, such as miners, ranchers, fishermen, hunters and other recreationists

  • Conduct all trips in a safe, sane manner

  • Accept the responsibility of keeping the backcountry beautiful by packing out litter

  • Give everyone we meet the courtesy of the road, as safety and courtesy are contagious

  • Observe the local history, the geology of the land and the ecology of the vegetation so that we may more fully appreciate the splendort of our national heritage

  • Members and guests are asked to refrain from the use of intoxicants whil operating a vehicle on club trips

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    This is something that needs to be posted on the home page