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    Great Lakes has club, individual, and associate memberships as well as non-member support levels.

    Membership Levels

    Club and Individual Memberships
    Great Lakes Four Wheel Drive Association encourages your membership to support the sport. Whether you choose an individual membership or become a member through an affiliated club, you can make a difference.* Club membership provides the best way to learn about four wheeling, to find places to go wheeling, and to share in the camaraderie of other four wheelers. We encourage you to join one of our affiliated clubs.

    Individual Membership Benefits

    • Receive The Boondocker, the official Great Lakes Quarterly Newsletter.
    • New members get a GLFWDA sticker upon registration.
    • Membership card with permanent number as long as you are a member.
    • Invitation to the Great Lakes Quarterly Meetings.
    • 1-Year membership to the United Four Wheel Drive Association.
    • The Voice Quarterly Newsletter of United Four Wheel Drive Association.
    • Meet new friends that are like minded and would like to advance our sport.
    • Become part of the largest regional organization to help preserve our sport.

    Club Memberships Renewals
    When club memberships are renewed please adhere to the following:

    • Submit one (1) typed membership list, preferably in alphabetical order with each member's name, address, telephone number, and Great Lakes number.
    • Submit data sheets for new members. For changes submit data sheet with changes highlighted.
    • Send a check in the amount of $40 per member to the Membership Secretary (not the Treasurer). Memberships will not be processed until the payment is received.
    • Please indicate any officers and their position.

    If your club is not a Great Lakes member club and would like to join, please contact the membership secretary.

    To join as an individual member, please click HERE.

    Associate Membership
    If you own, operate, or work for a business that might be interested in being a supporting member of GLFWDA, then we have the deal for you! As an associate member of any level you will receive:

    Associate Membership Benefits

    • Your business information listed in The Boondocker, a quarterly e-publication of GLFWDA.
    • A Certificate of Appreciation.
    • A GLFWDA Window Decal.
    • Two (2) ID cards with your GLFWDA Associate Membership number.
    • A chance to be nominated Associate Member of the Year.
    • A welcome to attend all GLFWDA sponsored events.
    • Company exposure to four-wheel drive enthusiasts from all over the country and all around the world through the GLFWDA website.

    Remember, No Trails = No Sales!

    To join as an Associate Member, please click HERE.

    Non-Membership Levels

    TRAIL Supporter
    Trail Supporter shall include those persons who wish to support GLFWDA on an individual basis.

    • The Trail Supporter fee shall be five dollars ($5) payable at the time of registration or at the beginning of a GLFWDA Sanctioned Event or Sponsored Event (ex: Trail Cleanups, Trail Maintenance, Trail Rides, etc.) and shall expire at the conclusion of said event.
    • The Trail Supporter fee is a one-time exhaustible fee.
    • The Trail Supporter fee cannot be used to obtain a higher level of Support and/or Membership.

    Support the Sport Supporter shall include those persons who wish to support GLFWDA on an individual basis. This membership requires registration on the forum to receive the benefits.

    • The Support the Sport Supporter fee shall be twenty dollars ($20) payable on an annual anniversary and in annual increments thereafter from the date of the first payment.
    • Privileges of Support the Sport Supporter: ***
      • Receive information of GLFWDA activities via the GLFWDA web site.
      • Entitled to the online version of the Boondocker via the GLFWDA web site.
    • Support the Sport Supporters may not hold an elective office with GLFWDA.
    • Support the Sport Supporters are non-voting. ****
    • The Support the Sport fee cannot be used to obtain a higher level of Membership.

    To become a Support The Sport Supporter, please click HERE.