• Trail Ratings

    Each trail has a rating of 1 to 5.  Although subjective - what is a level 4 to a novice off-roader can be like a simple jaunt for a veteran - the scale is a pretty good indicator of the driving skill level and equipment needed in order to enjoy yourself on the trail.  Level 1 trails are considered to be the easiest, while level 5 trails are the hardest and require experienced drivers and well equipped vehicles.

    One (1) 

    Stock Run.  This level is for the novice off-roader.  4 Wheel drive will be needed occasionally for a few "tough" spots.  Bring a camera and the family.  At this level everyone can relax and enjoy the ride.

    Two (2)

    Stock Run.  For the little more experienced wheeler.  4 wheel drive will be needed a lot.  Stock vehicles with stock tires are OK.  Stock tires will be at their limit.  Still an enjoyable ride, and a great way to climb into the 4x4 sport!   Small hill climbs, shallow mud, loose sand and shallow water crossings should be expected.

    Three (3)

    Moderate Run.  Action-packed and challenging, for moderately experienced wheelers. 32"+ aggressive treads are needed, rear locking differentials are helpful.  Rocky steep terrain with deeper mud and water.  Driver should expect to get stuck and require some spotting.

    Four (4)

    Advanced Run.  High-intensity, adrenaline-pumping fun! For experienced wheelers only! 32"+ tires.  One locker is a must. Dual lockers are recommended.  A winch and tree strap is recommended.  These trails require a co-driver / spotter and heavy concentration.  Large rocks, deep mud with rocks and steep hills.  Team efforts are required.

    Five (5)

    Extreme Run.  This is the real deal for experienced off-roaders!  Front and rear lockers are required.  You must have a winch and tree straps, 35" or taller tires, and little regard for your rig's body panels.  You can expect cosmetic and mechanical damage on some of these trails.  These trails require a co-driver / spotter and your undivided attention.  Bring a camera and expect to get dirty!