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  1. Silver Lake State Park Volunteers Needed

    The volunteer proposal has been approved by the state!

    The next step is to sign up for one of the training dates listed in the link below and register for exact dates and times that youíre willing to volunteer.

    Also make sure that you fill out the VOLUNTEER RELEASE AND WAIVER OF LIABILITY form attached to this email. This form must be filled out and turned in before you can volunteer. Feel free to turn the form in when you ...
  2. Michigan Trails Legislative Day - Tuesday, April 28th

    Michigan Trails Legislative Day - Tuesday, April 28th

    Michiganís policymakers are frequently unaware of the scenic quality and/or sheer number of trails that Michigan has to offer, and the tremendous benefits they bring to the health and economy of our state. As advocates we are continually trying to improve and grow Michiganís trail systems, but we need to keep our stateís decisionmakers abreast of what we now have and our vision and needs for the future. That is why we are inviting ...
  3. SURVEY - State Trails Network Planning Team

    Hello fellow trail enthusiast,

    It has been brought to my attention that some have not seen this survey that is designed to get your ideas and identify opportunities for innovation or improvement in our Trails program.

    Your involvement and knowledge is critical to develop and achieve objectives with the goal of making Michigan the Trail State.

    Please take this opportunity to share your input, ideas and suggestions by completing this survey if you have ...
  4. Dear Chamber of Commerce

    Quote Originally Posted by Jarhead View Post
    This is your chance to help make a differance for yourself, your family and the OHV Trails/Routes system.

    Please add, delete or edit anyway you desire, but Please, Please take the time to send a letter to:

    Saint Helen Chamber Of Commerce
    P.O. Box 642.
    Saint Helen, MI 48656.
    Telephone (989)389-3725

    West Branch Area Chamber of Commerce
    422 W. Houghton Ave.
    West Branch, MI 48661
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  5. Winter 2012 Quarterly Membership meeting - West Branch, MI January 27, 2012

    GLFWDA Winter Quarterly Meeting
    Friday, January 27 2012 at 5pm

    Quality Inn, West Branch MI
    2980 Cook Rd.
    West Branch, MI, US, 48661
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