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January 13th, 2006, 11:58 PM
For anyone who NEEDS to hit the trails again ... but it'll be a haul for MI wheelers!

Here is the info on the Ground Hog Day trail rides at Haspin Acres ORV Park, located near Laurel, IN on January 28 from about 9 AM - 3 PM.


I have copied below, an email with more details. Currently, I hear they are at 100+ warm bodies.

I checked with Scott Sperling, the President of the Indiana Four Wheel Drive Association, and he assures me .....

Haspin Acres has everything from easy to hard trails. For those new to
Haspin, we'll have guided trailrides for them. The trails are not marked so
you have pretty much aim and go.
The fun thing about the Haspin when it is snow covered is you don't know
what is under the snow- is it a 2' deep mud hole or just a trail. hehehe.
What a great way to wheel!!! Most of the bad portions will have by-passes
around them. Haspin has always been know for MUD. We will do our best to
keep you on the trails and out of harms way. If you could have the newbies
try to have a CB with them, that would help out when it is time to
communicate the good and bad portions of the trailride.
Last year, there was alot of ice under the snow- just short of having
chains, it was tough at times to get around. Since I had weld-on beadlocks
put on my trail jeep couple weeks ago, I'm curious to see how I get around
with the low tire pressure. I'll probably wish I had a small skinny set of
mud and snow tires on it that day. Be prepared for whatever weather Mother
Nature gives us that day. ;)
Have a safe trip down to GHD. It appears that there could be a nice group of
you folks coming down to this. GREAT!!! More the merrier.



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> > From: SCOTT C SPERLING <cssjeep@msn.com>
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> > Hey Doug,
> > I&#39;m sure we will post more on this later thru the FBJ and IFWDA email.
> > to hear you are planning ahead.
> > FBJ/IFWDA would like to invite everyone to the 4th Annual IFWDA Ground
> > Day Run on January 28, 2006 at Haspin Acres in Laurel, Indiana. We can
> > up in the parking lot outside theregistration building at 9:00am. This
> > trailride is "OPEN TO THE WORLD". Feel free to invite your family and
> > friends. FBJ will provide lunch. We will be having our usual chili, a
> > version of chili, crackers, peanut butter sandwiches, hot dogs,
> > chips, etc.
> > Anyone that is planning to attend needs to bring his or her drinks and
> > chairs. I&#39;m going to add that the little hand and feet warmers really
> > and are very nice to have. There are no chairs or tables to speak of.
> > it has been rumored that the usual shelter that we have always been in
> > burnt, but there are others. It will be well marked&#33; Bathrooms are
> > walking distance. Please make sure you bring what you will need with
> > There is only a little grocery store, and I believe that the gas station
> > town closes for the Winter months. If everyone could RSVP it would be
> > greatly appreciated. This is so Toni knows about how much chili to fix.
> > Toni at rickandtonireece@yahoo.com for food count.
> > Let me know if you need anything else from me.
> > Happy New Year&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;
> > Scott

Hi Guys&#33; It&#39;s that time of the year&#33; Hope everyone had a great New Year and enjoyed the Hang-Over Run&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;

As you know, it&#39;s about time for the Ground Hog to rear his head, and that means I get to cook&#33;&#33; My main difficulty is to guess for how many&#33; Please, if you are planning on attending, please let me know&#33; I have never had to tell anyone, "there isn&#39;t any food left", and I don&#39;t want to do that this year&#33; But I do need a probable count&#33; Please let me know&#33; rickandtonireece@yahoo.com and if you know of someone that&#39;s planning to come or would enjoy it, that doesn&#39;t have a computer, let them know about the run, and have them call and leave a message at our home, (765) 478-9037.

For those of you that have never attended the Ground Hog Day Run before, we serve great HOT chili, hot dogs and other odds &#39;n ends. This year we are adding a small amount of spicy hot chili and we are going to try and have a bon fire this year as well, so I&#39;m going to try and remember to bring marshmallows as well. We&#39;ve been there when the temperature was rated the coldest morning of the year in 2004 ( -13 without windchill), and it was the best time I have ever had&#33;&#33;

I hope their fire builder is better than the one who built last Saturday&#39;s fire (ha ha ... it was the thought that counts Pat ... we appreciated ALL your efforts and FIRE WATER ... take it from an OLD boy scout ... next time bring TWICE as much kindling wood as you think you&#39;ll need&#33;) I think I have 3 OH Jeeps lined up but it would be GREAT to see some MI plates&#33;

January 14th, 2006, 08:44 AM
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January 20th, 2006, 06:23 PM
Maybe this one should be moved to Events also.

Still trying to sort out the definitions of what belongs where.

This appears to be for informal events ... I was thinking they had to be sanctioned by Great Lakes.