View Full Version : '86 Grand Wagoneer For Sale - $1,500

off trail
January 6th, 2006, 09:44 AM
My family bought this grand wagoneer new in 1986 to tow our 22' boat up north and back once a year. It eventually became an up north garage vehicle living in northern WI. For the last 3 years I have been using it for a dock removal/installation business in northern WI. I drive it 4 consecutive weekends every May and September/October and other than that it gets driven once every 2-4 weeks to town and back. It has been 100% dependable for my dock work in the spring and fall, never failing to start and run well for me the whole weekend (although I do keep a horseshoe handy for a little luck).

The 90,500 miles are original miles put on by my dad, my brother and myself. The woody has been a great vehicle for us but we bought a new cabin and it is now sitting in the yard (not making the neighbors very happy). I want to get it out of the yard and hopefully replace it with a full size bronco or something like that for the dock business.

As can be expected from a jeep in the midwest cancer has gotten a hold of it pretty badly. It is still fairly solid and runs fine but it is definitely not the base for a new project. You could either drive it until it dies or take the motor (still very strong), the axles and driveline (in perfect condition as far as I can tell) and any other mechanicals and throw them in another jeep. As an added bonus the interior is in great shape including front seats, rear seats, headliner, dash etc. etc.

The jeep is currently sitting at our cabin in the minocqua WI area but I live in Minneapolis so transportation could be a possibility.

It has a D44 up front and either a D44 or AMC20 in the rear, I believe it is a D44

Asking $1,500 OBO.

Thanks for looking, feel free to contact me with any questions - ecrogers1@yahoo.com.