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November 25th, 2009, 10:08 AM
<<From Dick Ranney, MMRC>>



November 24, 2009

Michigan Motorized Recreation Council

For immediate release and posting:

As most know, the Governor is attempting a merger of the DNR/DEQ and Ag Commission. There are some glitches that will directly affect the ORV community. For decades, we have enjoyed having an ORV Trail Advisory Board and in recent years, it has worked very well. A means for users to offer suggestions, vent frustrations, itís their voice in government regarding the ORV trail system.

Under the Governorís plan, the ORV Board would be abolished. In place of it would be a seven member Trails Advisory Board, whom would be represented we have not been told. We assume that it would consist of bicyclist, hikers, equestrian, snowmobilerís and ORV userís. Not a clue to the other two on the Board, or if the five groups stated are to be represented.

Certainly cost savings cannot be the issue; we pay from our ORV Trail permits, the cost of staff to attend these meetings. Under the new plan, it has been suggested the ORV folks would have a sub-committee. Fine if staff participates, but we then have to take everything up one more level, more time and cost on our part and the possibility of modification that we may not want.

We cannot see how this plan will make things better, only more cumbersome to get things to move forward.

Under the Governorís plan, the Governor would appoint the members of both the Trail Board and the Natural Resources Commission. The Governor would appoint the Director of DNRE to whom both of these Boards would report to. We have a problem with that; it places control of all state owned lands and considerable control over private lands under the Governor. That is not good!

It is our suggestion you contact your State Representative and those on the following list and let them know, as an ORV user, you are satisfied with things the way they are now except for transparency of the funds and you wish to see more users on the ORV Trail Advisory Board. Executive Order 45 simply needs to go back to the drawing board!

Legislators tell us they have not heard many complaints from the ORV community. It is time we were heard from! We ask that you forward this to all your riding friends and urge them to either call or send an e-mail and do it today! December 3rd, it will be all over. E-mail or phone the following;

Your State Representative; go to mi.gov or to MMRC organizations for address

Lt. Governor, John D. Cherry 517 373-6800

Speaker of the House, Andy Dillon 517 373-0853 andydillon@house.mi.gov

Assist. Floor Majority Leader, Kathy Angerer 517 373-1792 kathyangerer@house.mi.gov

November 25th, 2009, 12:21 PM
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