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October 19th, 2005, 10:32 PM
Hello all. Thought I'd drop a line here since most of you guys know what your doing, I figured I'd get a straight answer.

For anyone who does not know what I've got(those who didn't meet me at GG05), I'm running an 04 TJ with 03rubi springs(from mntbkr5), 2" spacer lift w/longer shocks, and some 33x9.5x15 bfg at's. (the pizza cutters!!!)

I did pretty good at GG considering it was my first real offroad run. And since my TJ is my DD and I'm not really thinking on making it something like T-way's or muddypaws, I came up with these ideas based on what I like to do for wheeling, and how I did up at GG.

My wife has an 04 tj with some wagonwheel rims and 31" bfg mt's, so I can use her stock rims for a set of 33x9.5x15 bfg MT's as my summer/wheeling tires, and keep my AT's as my winter tires. (her rims are from a stock SE, they look diff. than my Sport rims, so I'm not to sure about any backspacing differances, if any)

Get a new front and rear bumper with a 2" reciever on rear and tow hooks in the front. Custom made and shorter side-to-side than factory. (i'll forego the plastic nubs at the ends!)

A winch for the front

Front swaybar quick disc's with longer steelbraided brake lines.

A bolt on skidplate that will cover most of if not all of the undercarriage stuff, replacing the oh so great factory stuff.

The "football helmet" looking guards for the pumpkins on the front and rear axle. I hit some rocks out at GG and I've got some small dents in both. Nothing big, but I figured it wont hurt to put some guards on em.

Any suggestions as to anything else that might help? What do you think about the stuff I listed?

In between any future GLFWDA runs, the Mounds is about the only wheeling I do, about once every other month. And I'm done seeing "how deep is that mudhole over there" at the mounds. So my wheeling is mostly stuff in the woods, hills, trails, stuff like the PIW and Trestle Trail was at GG. That's why I want to stick with 33x9.5 instead of going wider.

Thanks for any input and hope to see you all off the beaten path.....................

Jay T.

October 20th, 2005, 07:58 AM
Sounds like a decent list to get started and still leave yourself road worthy for a DD, and getting to GG.

One thing I don't believe the BFG MT comes in a 33x9.5, only in a 33x10.50. From what I can find only the AT comes in the 9.5 wide version.

Another thing to look into, is some selectable lockers or limited slips.

October 20th, 2005, 08:50 AM
i would scrap the winter/summer tire idea and go with a wheeling/dd tire setup, something like at's for the street and truxus for the trail or something like that.

and dont get a limited slip, from what i have seen they cause more harm than good. a selectable or standard lockrite/detroit would be my choice

October 21st, 2005, 02:30 PM
Originally posted by 95geo@Oct 20 2005, 07:50 AM
i would scrap the winter/summer tire idea and go with a wheeling/dd tire setup, something like at's for the street and truxus for the trail or something like that.

and dont get a limited slip, from what i have seen they cause more harm than good. a selectable or standard lockrite/detroit would be my choice
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I&#39;d agree with both of these comments.

When I first bougth my TJ, I used to pull a small trailer on trips with a set of 33x12.5 bias TSLs that I&#39;d swap on for the weekend. The TSLs suck for highway use, but are flat out great offroad. It was a good setup for the comprimises I had to make; where I could get run a good DD tire, and save the agressive tire for offroad. When I would go to a local spot like the mounds, I&#39;d just drive up on the TSLs.

The BFG M/T is not the most aggressive tire, so it would be a lot of money to spend for just a little better performance over the AT. If you&#39;re looking for an aggressive, skinny offroad tire, try the Swamper 34x9.50-15LT.

For lockers, I ran a lock-rite (same as ez-locker, aussie locker) in the front of my TJ. It was well worth the &#036;200. When in 2wd, it did not affect the handling of my jeep, only made a clicking noise while turning. Off-road, it really helped pull through mud holes, up climbs; it was a great setup.

I had a stock d44 with the trash lock, and it did ok. It came to life a bit more when I swapped in the detroit. If you have a d35, you might think about looking into swapping in either a d44 pull-out, or finding a ford 8.8 w/ limited slip and disc brakes and having the brackets added and bolting that in. I do not recommend putting money into a d35, except a few bucks for a spare set of shafts.

October 21st, 2005, 04:51 PM
I had thought about the 34" swampers, but that would call for at least a 1" body lift. Something I have been considering, but only if more room was needed when the front sway was disc&#39;d. I was gonna see how close it was after I got the disc/brakelines and my current tires.

I&#39;m looking at what my wifes 31" bfg mt&#39;s do when she drives, and how they are when I drive it. I know they are not the most aggresive tread, but they are better than the AT&#39;s, and the type of wheeling along with how much wheeling I actually do, I am thinking on droppping the idea of the 34" swampers. While it&#39;s not all that time consuming to swap out tires, I&#39;d rather get more use out of the 2 sets of tires.

I did put a set of 31x10.5 tires on it while it was at the tire store to get an idea of what I wanted when I first looked into bigger tires(a friend of the fam owns it). I had just a little rubbing at full lock stearing, nothing I would do other than offroad, and it would not hurt anything anyway. I have not checked to see if the MT does come in 9.5. I just figured it would if the AT&#39;s do. The extra inch could only help me anyway, so no big deal on that.

Anything along the lines of messing with the axles, I wont touch that till it&#39;s long been paid off. This is my first non sports/luxury car. And I&#39;m no mechanic by any means. So getting under it and changing stuff and whatnot wont happen till it becomes a toy and I have more years under my belt from wheeling.

October 21st, 2005, 08:41 PM
You dented your front diff cover? Wow. The front d30 diff cover is very very stout as it is....much thicker than the rear 35 cover. I have dented my rear cover but never the front on the YJ. I know T-Way has the diff cover gaurds like you are talking about and he likes them. Been thinking about putting one on the rear of my D35 for a while. Might build one this winter.

I&#39;d pop a locker in there like a no-slip or a ausie...makes 1000% difference and is way easy to install. High school kids did the ones in the YJ. :P

October 28th, 2005, 10:00 AM
I have a 88 YJ, daily driver with 33 12.50 Mud Rovers and TrueTrac diffs front and rear.
I have had them a year and havent had any problems at all. You cant tell you have them on the road. For the cost of them, I am very happy with the way they work. I paid around 750.00 for both. From Randys Ring and Pinion. That dosent include the install.