View Full Version : building go cart... needing supplies

February 20th, 2009, 11:00 AM
Hello, I've posted this on another site, too in hopes of help! :ahhh:
So my eldest son has completed welding class in high school. Our first home project? A go-cart. I've got the steel (I believe enough), some steering linkage, and motor. We're running a 340 snowmobile motor I've just rebuilt. We will be fabricating all else. I would be interested in purchasing any spindles, driveline equipment (I plan on using a centrifugal clutch setup), etc if anyone has anything laying around. Just pm me here or rentalrider@yahoo.com. Would surely appreciate it. And I know the clutch packs won't hold together long under 45hp, it's more of a drag cart, short burst toy we're doing for practice welding and fabrication mock-ups. Breaking and fixing is part of the plan here! Thanks in advance and I'm open to advice, too as this is our first cart. :woot: