View Full Version : Boggers & LTB's for sale

August 30th, 2005, 01:41 AM
I have 2 33x14 15 boggers and 2 33x13.5 15 LTB's for sale.

Bought them for mud drags, but didn't really get into the drags. They are on simple stock car Arrow steel rims, powdercoated silver. Good condition, no center caps. Tires have 2 trips to turtle ridge, 2 trips to grayling in the snow, the troll opener and a trip to the Badlands on them. Trailered everywhere except flat towed once to Drummond but I live like 45 min away from drummond.

Tires may have a few minor chunks...minor rock rash...nothing major, hold air, no cracks etc. Rims are straight with no dents. 5 on 4.5, 10 inches wide.

$500 for everything, prefer not to split anything.

I am looking to sell these, then sell a set of 5 33x12.5 15 ProComp Muds and buy a set of 35-37's. Can't sell the PC Muds till I am ready to buy other tires because they are my DD tires.

I would be willing to trade everything for a set of 5 37' ProComp X-Terrains, or ProComp Muds...maybe even some Radial Swampers....


The PC Muds in case...they have about 60% left on them. No cracks or damage. Rims not included.