View Full Version : Parting out my '89 Bronco...

June 12th, 2005, 04:30 PM
Well, I'm parting out the '89. May she rest in peace. She's minus a tranny, as I blew 1st gear out of it in Jan. I bought a '82 bronco about a month ago and that is in the shop with tranny repairs, so the parting out of the '89 is funding it.
I have the following available. If your interested in something, message me, email me at queen_of_the_forest_1971@yahoo.com or whatever and make an offer. Large stuff I can't ship out, they will be pick up only. Truck is sitting at a freinds in Brighton, MI right now. Sorry , cause I just can't deliver. I'll probably be at the Badlands either for Zuki Melt on July 4th weekend or ChubFest, July 14th weekend. So I might be able to bring parts with me, if anyone wants to meet there...I'll know for sure in the next couple weeks, which one I'll be going too.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Tilt Column...I've never used it.
Plastic Interior Trim (around headliner/windows/cap)
T-case Borg/Warner 13-55
Shifter, 5 speed, needs a spring
Hood (with hinges?)
8.8 Rear axle
Frame (with what's left of body shell, no extra cost)
302 efi Engine w/ AC. Comes with everything attached. I never used AC. Not sure if the AC actually works. Engine runs great, just had a tune up right before the tranny went.
Sun Visor's and Hardware ON HOLD
Grille, center piece, light hardware sold sperately
Turn signals/trim
Bumpers (1 front from '89 and 1 front/1 rear from '82)
Running Boards from '82
Intserment Trim, Includes the upper and both lower lower panels
Insterment cluster SOLD
Passenger Seat
Back Seat
Doors, one with interior door panel.
Heater Core 1.5 years old
Glove Box
Rear View Mirrors
Door Mirrors (minus bottom pivet pins)
Washer resivour
Center Insterment Cluster (radio/heat)
Driver & Passenger Seat belts
Back seat belts set of 3.
Wiper Motor ON HOLD
AC/Heater switches
Windshield Washer Motor ON HOLD
Headlight/Washer fluid Switch

If you would like to see pics, go to the link in my sig and it will take you to my Superfords site. I'm adding new pics today. If you need more specific pics, just let me know and I will take some.

Thanks guys for looking. These funds will be sunk into the '82 so I can keep her on the road.