View Full Version : Body Stone protection

June 1st, 2005, 11:21 PM
I did some stone chip protection on my Ford the other day, and for kicks I thought I would put on here what I did. I would have to guess and say that I am not the first one to do something like this, but here is what I did.

Well as most of you the late 70?s style Ford F-Series and Broncos have about a six-inch lower rocker panel before it has a little roll in and back out. Any ways, I decided to put some stone chip protection down on the lower part of the body.

I used masking tape just above the roll on the body line (two strips of 2"), used a scuffing pad as directed for application of the Duplicolor bed liner (you can run the scuff pad right over the tape and it won't rip so you will have a clean line all the way up to the tape and across), and put like three or four coats on it (more coats if you want it thicker). I did this all in about an hour. I pulled the tape off when I got home from work and it turned out great. It?s not to thick where it has a huge ridge on the body yet it should protect pretty well. I think I might have used three cans on my truck. Any body can do this for under $30. Even if or when it starts to chip, touch up should be easy and cheap. The spray is real thick so there is no overspray.

That was my eventful evening. I already did the bed liner inside the cab instead of carpet or rubber so water and dirt will not be a problem. What I have done in the cab is holding up real well since I have been throwing tools and other things in the cab while I have been working on it. Seats are on order and should be here soon.

It will be on the road soon. :D