USMC 0369
September 29th, 2007, 07:20 PM
Please use this forum for Trail Clean-Up & GLFWDA Fund Raising events only, and post ALL Clean-Up events in here.

Please follow these guidlines for every post you make:

ALL fields on "New Thread" page should be filled out as they apply. It is assumed that all trail clean up events will be organized and if any permits and/or insurance is required you have already recieved them.
PLEASE rate the difficulty for the trail in accordance with GLFWDA Trail Rating (http://www.glfwda.org/trail-ratings.html) guidance. Some people may show up in a 2wd pick-up if you do not.

Include a meeting place and time! Preferrably OFF State or Federal Lands! You never know who's schedule will clear at the last minute and show up. If you are on State/Fed Land and over your limit because of this, you are already in violation before you can tell them to go away.

hints for success!
Include a CB channel or other means of communication. From experience, this really helps people that are late and want to link up on the trail.

Posting an Annual Event? I would suggest trying to post some smallish pictures of last years event in the description. It may interest some that don't know how clean-ups can be fun; and jog the memories of those that attended last year to spur some discussion.

This STICKY reserves the right to change periodically without warning...check it each time you post a thread.

UPDATE: 12 Oct, 2007 ~ Reworded this sticky as it best pertains to this forum. The "new thread" screen you will see for INFORMAL Trail Rides is different than the page for Trail Clean Up. Also, toned it down a bit as I realized I'm not talking to Marines or Soldiers.

UPDATE: 30 Sept, 2007 ~ Feeling out feasability of adding fund raising events to this forum. However the above instructions won't apply unless it's a trail ride fund raiser.

UPDATE: 02 Oct, 2007 ~ Posting suggestions to help boost attendance at Trail Clean Up events.