View Full Version : rear diff question (noisy)

October 21st, 2004, 09:48 PM
ok for starters i bought this jeep used.
now has 120k
don't know the maintance records.
so im kinda startin my own.

anyhoot, i went and changed the front and rear fluids with it's recommened type fluid 80w90.

now the rear seems to whine. i did not see any tag on the bottom right hand corner of the axle telling me if it was a trac-loc rear end. this being for the additive that would need to be added.

is there a way to tell other that a tag if i have this trac loc?

also, in my vehicles' manual, it tells me to use 80w90 gl-5 on both axles'. so i did.
now in my haynes book it tells me to use 75w-90 for the front and straight 90w in the rear??? thanks tim