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April 21st, 2007, 12:53 PM
Chubfest 2007 will be held again this year at the badlands Offroad park in Attica, Indiana. The date will be a little later in the summer than past years, August 17th-19th.

This years event will have some new twists and some old favorites:

1.) The quarry will be closed on Saturday for the ESW Rock Races event. Their is a seperate charge for this event, but all Chubfest attendees will get a freebie on that with your park addmision for the weekend! It will be a chance for those of you who have never been to a sanctioned event to take it all in as well as an opportunity to see some awesome rings in action. The rest of the Badlands, including the new Orange trail, will of course be open to wheel on during the event and we will be able to wheel until 7pm that day!

2.) Saturday night will be the annual Night Run. All of you who register for the Chubfest event will be able to ride in the event. There are some simple requirements (Headlights, taillight and either a Cell phone or CB) and we ask that you remain in groups. This is something that Troy and Lisa extend to us each year....all I ask is that you respect their rules and enjoy yourselves!

3.) A reservation has been made for our group at the Attica Family Campgroud right outside the main gate. I encourage you to consider staying at this location....the evenings provide that real fun of the event.

4.) The Cystic Fibrosis Association of America will again be the charity we will be donating too. The raffle will be held Saturday evening at the campground, following the night run. Tickets will be on sale all day Saturday. I will tell you that this years raffle prizes will be the best ever.

5.) Along with the annual awarding of the "Grand Poodah's trophey", we will have a weekend long "Find the Fatty" hunt going on for some prizes. details will follow on this soon...

Details will continue to be added to this thread, including shirts, decals, sponsors, ect.....so keep checking back!!!

Links for Info:

Badlands Website (http://badlandsoffroad.com)

Attica Family Campground (http://atticacampground.com)

I look forward to this event every year, just to see our old friends and to make new ones. Everyone is welcome, any kind or rig...hell just come to ride along, you don't need a damn rig!

Alot of folks come in groups, so look to this forum for some caravan info, as well as open seat info. Come for the social side, not just to wheel. this event always brings out great people and makes my year for me....I hope to see you all there!


EVENT FORUM: http://rrorc.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=178