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January 7th, 2007, 07:15 PM
(Corrected Phone Number)

1976 International Harvester Scout II w/Traveltop
(100" WB Scout with steel top)

Price - $3650 obo.

Engine - IH 345 V-8
Replaced stock carb with Holley 350 cfm 2bbl (0-7448) about a 18mos ago
Transmission - 727 Torgueflite 3-spd auto
Transfer case - Dana 20 dual-speed single stick
Tires - 31" Wal-Mart BFG's, IIRC
Axles - Dana 44 (discs in front, drums in rear)
Gears - 3.54 Powertrax No-Slip in back
Location - Currently in Bay City (can be seen near the corner of 2 Mile & Midland)

Condition - Fairly solid body (up till 3 yrs ago was an AZ truck). Has mostly surface rust in different areas from being baked in the Sun and now being subjected to Michigan. No rust through that I'm aware of. Runs pretty good, but carb needs to be dialed in. When I put the new one on, I just did it by ear and never got back to it. It does need the right rear wheel cylinder replaced. I have a rebuild kit and a new in the box wheel cylinder ready to be installed, just haven't done it. I also have new shoes, but I don't think I have the hardware kit.

Modifications - Pretty mild. P.O. put HD extended shackles that put about an inch of lift on it. Seems that there might be a spring lift too, but it'd be maybe a 2.5" Also, has a 2300 350cfm Holley 2BBL w/electric choke. Straight Steer brace, poly greasable bushings in the front. In the last two years there've been other items... new rebuildable motor mounts, new ign module, new pickup coil, new gel battery, new alt, new exhaust, new shocks, replaced rear liftgate hatch with fiberglass (needs finish work and seals).

It had been a daily driver from Sept '03 to March of '06. The last eight months I drove it, it was driven about 150 miles a day, 5 days a week. Gas was a major motivator in parking it. Bought an '01 Monte Carlo SS that gets 30 highway. You do the math...

It's at the in-laws and they can't answer about it, and the dog can be pretty nasty. Just email me, PM me or call me at 8 7 4 - 2 9 4 4 (Corrected Phone Number - sorry, musta had a blonde moment). The area code is 616. Since I live in the Grand Rapids area now (Rockford), it's hard for me to meet you there at the drop of a hat, but for those that are serious, I'll be sure to work with you. It is NOT insured right now, so I won't be letting anyone drive it.

As with any vehicle, theres probably a dozen other things I'm forgetting, but I'll answer any question the best that I can. I really hate to sell it, but I don't have the time or space in our new place to do it right.

I've attached a pic from the day I got it home in Aug '03

Thanks for lookin',

January 7th, 2007, 08:00 PM
I'm not a scout guy but I stopped and looked at this a while back. It's one of the nicest unmolested Scouts I've seen.

Good Luck with the sale

January 7th, 2007, 08:19 PM
<div class='quotetop'>QUOTE(Nvrenuf &#064; Jan 7 2007, 08&#58;00 PM) 21292</div>
I&#39;m not a scout guy but I stopped and looked at this a while back. It&#39;s one of the nicest unmolested Scouts I&#39;ve seen.

Good Luck with the sale [/b]
Thanks. I really really don&#39;t want to sell it BUUUTTT... for whatever odd reasons my wife has a visceral hatred for it. I&#39;m not kidding. :ahhh: :blink: :WhiteRhino:

However, if I do sell it I&#39;ll probably pick up a CJ (she loves Jeeps) shortly thereafter. If I don&#39;t sell it I&#39;ll probably bring it back to Rockford, make it look "nice" and see what happens.

Really, she&#39;s nuts about this. :)