View Full Version : Stronger 5-speed transmission than NV4500

January 6th, 2007, 10:58 PM
That's right, there is a stronger trans out there than the NV4500 that has overdrive. I am talking about the Spicer 3053A transmission. Orignally they came in 6x6 trucks that were equipped with a multifuel engine. First gear is 6 to 1 and overdrive is .85 to 1. Same as NV4500, ecxept these are FULLY syncronized. These transmissions will bolt to Chevy engines with the use of a bellhousing out of a C60 truck. I believe they can be put behind other makes with various industrial bellhousings. They weigh approx 30 lbs more than a NV4500 (about 230 pounds) and are for divorced style transfer cases only.

I have two of these transmissions, and one C60 hydraulic bellhousing with chevy V8 flywheel and starter. Before they are put on ebay I would like to offer them to you guys first. Both transmissions shift great, and I am asking $400.00 a piece for them. As for the Adapter bellhousing and related pieces, I will offer that for $200.00 Email me or call 810-614-8038 if interested.