View Full Version : 33`s and beadlocks and shirts

December 27th, 2006, 12:39 AM
Thanks for all whom have been kind enough to share there thoughts on tire sizes and beadlock wheels.

Ended up taking the advice of several group members and went with 37`s. Maxxis Creeply Cralwers.
We will see you well they work. Hopefully soon !!

Far as the beadlocks i never knew about the Stauns. Sounds like a good idea. One thing for sure, while i have never lost a bead outright. I have had rim leaks from debris getting into the bead itself.
Perhaps with the Stauns we can keep the wheels and solve the bead issues at the same time.

I oew Pat a call on the champions and also need to get a check up to him for the shrits I ordred.

Thanks for all the help folks. With the exception of Lucas i have not been able to meet any of you folks but hopefully that will change soon.

Thanks again on hope to se you all on the trail !!

John Edwards