View Full Version : Some old hotrods and classics

October 31st, 2006, 10:01 PM
I am looking for new homes for a couple of old cars I have. I am looking to sell, or possibly trade for cars, trucks, guns...?

1. 1940 Chevy two door sedan. Complete orignal car, hasn't been started in over 40 years. Heavy rust in floors and frame, but decent starter for a streetrod project. $500.00

2. 1955 Chevy El Camino Leadsled. Yes, I know there was no El Camino built till 59. This car was custom built in the 60's out of a wagon, and looks damn good. Car is in a state of dismantlement, but would not take much to make a fun runner. Currently powered by a buick 350 with th350 trans. Car sits so low that if it gets a flat tire, the frame sits on the ground. $2,500.00

3. 1938 Chevy 4 door sedan. Car is complete but rough, rough, rough, and in pieces. $500.00 OBO

4. 1951 Chevy 2 door business coupe. Not 100% sure I'll part with yet, but it is worth mentioning. Car is a runner, but floors are missing. Roof has some damage from a building being dropped on it. One of the fairly uncommon automatic cars. All there, with orignal engine and around 70,000 orignal miles. I'm open to offers on this car. It would be best suited as a parts car to someone with a cleaner body, but an ambitious restorer could do something with it. The business coupes of this vintage are nearly impossible to find anymore. Frame is surprisingly solid.

I have lots of others parts and whatnot that I am looking to consolodate as well. The cars you see above I just realize are too much for me, and I would rather spend the time on my other 20 plus project vehicles that are in better shape or more desirable. Some of them may hit ebay soon, others may rot behind my barn and serve as parts cars to future projects. But if you know of a good home to any of them, fell free to contact me at 810-614-8038 or PM me here.