View Full Version : another muddy sunday at the mounds

October 8th, 2006, 07:56 PM
i just got home from the mounds after the quarterly trail ride. it was a good day, i had alot of fun! i wish i could have made it to the meeting. i was going to be abou 45 mins to and hour late to the meeting so i skipped it, so i wouldnt disrupt it by walking in an hour late. sorry! i also need to give 2 huge thanks to whiterhino, one for spotting for me while i made the rather steep double hill climb in the valley. and another big thanks for pulling me out of the deep mud pit i didnt hit hard enuff. gotta hate those goodyear mtr's, big slicks in the mud! i did put a very small dent in my windshield frame and a small tear in my soft top on a tree, but now i have a reason to buy the new top ive needed for a while. i actually got to be the trail leader for a little while, makes me feel kinda good, thx ari it was fun being in front for a change. we did have a small mishap early on in the day. i was pulling a nice samauri out of some deep mud and he slid into some deep ruts and ended up on his driversside. normally not a big deal but he had 2 small children in the truck with him, and they were quite scared.
we ran over to help him. he handed us his kids, and we got them to dry land. once on dry land they were much better and smiling, but to hear the young one cry was kinda scary! his truck was about half full of water, luckily it went driver side down i dont know what i would do if it had gone over the other way! i realize this is a family sport, and i support that, but we need to be extra careful when small children are in our care!! lets all get our familys home safe!! we finally got the sami flipped on to its wheels and it had almost no damage. i think im gonna need a new tow strap soon that one got a real work out today! it was great to see yall, thx for a good time :)

October 8th, 2006, 09:03 PM
Good to see you again!

October 9th, 2006, 09:24 AM
Your strap got a workout with my Jeep twice! Thanks for pulling me off the last big rut coming out of the woods. :yourock:

And your note on the kids is a great reminder to everyone. My kids go wheeling with me, but when I got stuck once to the point of having a bad off-camber situation during the pull, I had them bail out first and stand a safe distance away to watch the activity. It's about keeping the kids safe, but also, by knowing they were away from the Jeep and safe already, I could concentrate on doing what I needed to do to save the Jeep.

October 9th, 2006, 05:10 PM
yes exactly ari! this was a fluke accident. the guy had no way of knowing what was about to happen, so i dont blame him. but we must look out for the little ones. for a couple of minutes my heart was racing. kinda freaked me out. hey you break you rig too bad, but when a kid was involved and could get hurt i was freakin, and i dont even have kids! not that i dont want any parents in our club to bring their kids along on trail rides, they have as much right to be there as i do! just got me thinkin about how our sport can get kinda dangerous pretty fast, and us not realize it till its too late. so if your on a trail ride and there is small children it a truck nearby you, keep an eye on how they are doing, and help them if they need it. spot for them! tell them if you see an unsafe situation!

and ari i pulled out 3 trucks b4 i even met you guys, and a few more after we got split up later on.
a friend of mine sunk a cr250 in deep water and blew the engine, i had to drag him to the parking lot.
but i needed a pull later on from whiterhino and he was there to help me out, its all about kharma!
thx again white rhino

October 9th, 2006, 06:21 PM
Frank, I didn't do nuthin special. Just being one of the guys!

Keep practicing that trail leader thing. We need more of that.

And I think your comments on kids safety is right on track. Glad you brought it up.