View Full Version : ax15, d30, d35, d35 shafts, wheels/tires

September 26th, 2004, 09:48 PM
All parts are from a '98 TJ

AX15 only in my Jeep 1 year but it took on some mud and water. whines like crazy and has lots of side-to-side movement in the input shaft. Might be good for re-build or core trade in.

d30 front axle. 3.73 gears. No hubs or shafts. This axle is, shall we say, very "experienced" Loose and leaky pinion. It might just need a new crush sleave.

d35 rear axle. 3.73 gears. Limited slip. complete. Also very "experienced". Leaky pinion.

d35 shafts. both sides.

4 BGF 30x9.5x15 AT's about 3/16 tread left. On stock "grizzly" rims. Rims are also very "experienced". some corrosion, scraps, rock rash. They ain't pretty but their still round. I also have the 5th rim, pretty much perfect condition, with a well worn 30x9.5x15 GSA.

Make me an offer I can't refuse. Or trade for 4 or 5 Aluminum Wheels, 5 on 4.5, with 4.5" or less back spacing and 4 or 5 33x (something skiny) x15 all terrains.