View Full Version : Windrock / Coal Creek OHV Area

September 22nd, 2004, 08:52 PM
Last fall I went with a group down to Windrock (aka Coal Creek OHV area) for a quick run of the "Rattle Rock" trail. It's near Oak Ridge, TN and is about 600 miles or 9 hours from the Detroit area.

There are a number of other trails on the property, but Rattle Rock is the premiere 4x4 trail. Compared to Paragon, it does not offer the variety and amount of trails for 4x4s. It is open to quads, dirt bikes, 4x4s, and also mountain bikes. There are a number of very steep muddy hill climb trails that we did not see while we were down there. (Actually, half our group stayed an extra day and ran some of them and they sound pretty wild.)

We ran Rattle Rock, and it took us most of the day. There are two sections, the lower is the older and is quite challenging. The upper section is newer and is a real butt-kicker. I managed to get my TJ on 35s through the lower section with quite a bit of banging, but the upper section took its toll and I spent more time on my winch cable than I did climbing, especially the last 200 feet or so of the trail.

Unfortunately, I didn't take many pictures since we were on such a tight time schedule and were pushing to get the four 4x4s through the trail before too late in the evening. But here are a few here (http://www.msg4x4club.com/events/windrock1103.htm)

Here's the web site (http://windrock.hyperboards2.com/index.cgi?cat=Club&board=answers) for the group that runs it. It is run by an ATV group on some land owned by a coal company.

The link is to the FAQ on their forum and contains maps, rules, and directions to the park.

We stayed at a Red Roof Inn in Oak Ridge, TN and it was fine. It is a decent sized town and it seems there were a few places to stay. It was next door to a Shoneys, and they had a number of other restaurants and a grocery store, along with a few parts stores and gas stations.

There's also primitive camping at the park. Looked like it could be rowdy as we left the park, but we didn't stay there so I can't say for certain. The camping area was definitely packed, so be sure to find a spot to put up your tent early if you plan on camping.

Beverage report - we arrived at 6am on Saturday morning and left at 8am Sunday morning, so we only had one night in town. Due to lack of sleep and a long day on the trail we didn't look for any bars, but the Red Lobster was serving cold beer. I didn't check in the grocery store if they sold beer or liquor.