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July 19th, 2006, 01:24 PM
Hey every oneÖ I just wanted to give everyone some news about the Kids in the Mudd off road area here in southern/west Michigan.

First they are now open 7 days a week and have extended their hours to Fri, Sat and Sun - 9:30AM to 8:30PM (No admission after 7PM). And Mon-Thurs. by Appointment. The by appointment is because they were sitting out there mon-thurs all day with no one showing up. But if you want to wheel during the week just let them know and they will be there.

Second, the number of trails are increasing but there still needs to be more, I am going to get a date set with the owner to come out with a group and cut some more trails. Most trails are tracked quite well but I know of one trail that only myself and Ben (4given4x4) have been down. (and I think we both had to winch out of it, at least I know I did).

Off road Course:
For those of you who have been there, you know there are two big open areas and the one up front is mostly for the ATVís and bikes. But in the back open area I would like to put in a 4x4 course such as some of us saw at the Jeep Blessing this year. If any of you have Ideas for obstacles of just something you would like to see be there , post it up.

Last time I was there I was told there is now a year pass available! $99 for the year and yep he said it will be open during the winter.

Park Info -
77308 56th St.
Decatur, MI 49045
For Appointments and Questions
Call Dave at (269) 325-2890

Jason aka Nemdex