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April 19th, 2006, 07:22 AM
I just picked up some axles High pinion Dana 44 frt and a Dana 60 rear. Full width. Both are 8 lug. the 44 has manual lock outs. Im going to put them in my YJ and just wanted thoughts on diffs, Spool or Locker in the rear? Spool or locker in the front? What size tires and what gearing? What wheels? I was lookin toward 35 12.50 tires of some sort. I will be driving on the road at times.

Thanks Ganz

April 19th, 2006, 08:47 AM
spool in the front will break stuff. ARB's are the way to go-although expensive. I have a spool in back and soon a locker up front. Spool isn't too bad on road.


April 19th, 2006, 08:58 AM
I have run a lockrite, ARB and welded in the front. For convenience, the ARB is great. But it comes with a cost and the risk of not working when most needed. Never had a single problem with a lockrite or welded. As long as you have lockout hubs, I would not be concerned about a spool in the front. But, with a D44, anything over 36-37" tire is at risk of breaking things. But, the items you will break are axle shafts and u-joints. So, if you go to alloy shafts and a super joint of some type, you should be fine.

Add hydro assist and you will be fine with any option.

I currently have an ARB in the front. If I was to do it over, I would probably go either Detroit or Spool with Hydro assist.


April 19th, 2006, 09:58 AM
my $.02

run 37's because youll be hung up all of the time with a 60 and 35s

get alloy shafts and good joints for the front and/or look for a front 60 if you plan on wheeling hard (or worry free) with a big motor (i was stretching the ears out in the stock d44 front shafts and twisting the splines in the rear all with an auto and 95hp on 37's)

i'd run detroits front and rear and upgrade the rear to 35 spline shafts and run hydro assist steering

take it for what its worth.....

April 19th, 2006, 12:00 PM
What terrain do you want to run?

That D60 rear will drag a bunch on 35's, kinda like running 32's on a D35 axle! I cut about 3/4-1" off the bottom of my 60, so its kinda close to a D44...kinda....and like running a 2" taller tire!

I think I'm running the same axles you are going to be running. I have 5.13's and being that you won't be doing 80 down the highway anymore!! you can get away with 5.13's or deeper. I was running up north on a few trips at about 65mph and turning 2500 rpm on 36's. If I had it to do again, I'd stick with my 5.13's, just because of the D44 pinion size is kinda getting smaller the deeper you go, not worried about the D60 thou.

The front D44 I plan on doing the alloy's and some type of stronger joint. I haven't had a shaft or u-joint go for the 2 years I've been running this setup, but I mainly deal in mud, rarely in rocks. I just found rocks this spring and I think I'll probably need something stronger if I keep doing that stuff!!

I run 36 TSLs right now and don't plan on going over 38" tires. I have the std. 30 spline rear D60, I carry a spare shaft, but I don't think I'll ever need it. Once I start hopping up and down on an obstacle, I'll take a strap or another line.

I have Detroits front and rear. I wouldn't change them for anything. I also plan on doing hydro assist simply to give my box a break, not that its ever been an issue turning with the front locker, most of the time I notice it is when I'm stopped and trying to crank the wheel, not locker related at all.

As far as rims, I have H1 double beadlocks I recentered and put the PVC insert in. Recently I welded a rock ring to the outer rim lip. I love the rims, very easy to change my tires! HEAVY!! But, I don't think I'd ever try another type of rim, its a double beadlock, steel, and strong. Only complaint is balancing troubles...

I hope you have fun with 'em!


On a side note, I always wondered if the longer the axle shafts, the more forgiving everything is. You have more length to twist and take the torque spikes than with a shorter shaft. Meaning fullwidth vs. narrowed axles?