View Full Version : Uodate from the March 16, 2017 Monthly EBOD Meeting!

March 19th, 2017, 06:21 PM
Hello Great Lakers!!

Hope the end if winter and spring roll out is treating you all well!! I'm starting to plan some maintenance on my Jeeps as the weather warms up (throw out bearing - ugh! - axle seal!!) so they're RTG (ready to go!) as April rolls in!

Here's a quick high level update from our regular monthly EBOD meeting last Thursday (3/16):

Financials - Association is financially sound.

Membership - Membership over 500; added new club: Fx3

Awareness/Training - Silver Lake Training 3/28

Trail Maintenance - 2017 ORV Spring Kickoff Meeting. It is Saturday April 8, 10:00am-3:00pm at the Forward Conference Center, 2980 Cook Road, West Branch, MI. All clubs are strongly encouraged to send a representative.

Boondocker - Deadline 3/30

Upcoming Events With GLFWDA Presence:
Jeep the Mac - 4/22
Jeep Blessing - 5/6
Jeeping for a Cure - 5/20
The Association is going to have a presence at all these events to promote the sport and the Association! This is a great opportunity for 'regular' members to help at the GLFWDA booth! If you're interested just shoot me an email to that end (president@glfwda.org will get to me!)

Spring Quarterly - The Association has not firmed up a location and possible event for the Spring Quarterly Membership Meeting as of this point. The EBOD is in discussion with a couple of clubs to set up this important meeting.

Oakland County ORV Park - Closing on 235 acres in April.

New Business:
LUC Chairperson - We are in search of candidates to fill this very important position.

And that's it for now gang - have a super week!

Mike Olmstead
President - GLFWDA