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February 16th, 2017, 11:59 PM
Hi Great Lakers!

Just a quick update from tonight's EBOD.

Although it was lightly attended, we accomplished much & cleared the agenda!

Most notable from tonight's meeting:

Eric Culling, Trail Maintenance Chairperson, reported that we've submitted corrected docs for our 2015 reimbursements, all the clubs with the exception of the Trolls have agreed to the Carsonite Marker installation for their respective trails with the exception of the Trolls on the Indian River corridor. Because of timing the Board voted to assign the Carsonite Marker upgrade to the MSG club to ensure that the project gets done.

Under 'New Business' the Board voted and passed the following motions:
To participate in the "Jeep the Mac" event on4/22-4/23.
To participate in the Cadillac Jeepers "Blessing of the Jeeps" event in Mesick on May 6.
To participate in the "Jeeping for a Cure" event at Rocks 'n Valleys on May 20.
Payment for the Association's annual directors & officers liability insurance policy.

Also under 'New Business' the Board discussed and/or took the following actions:
Location for the Spring Quarterly. Right now there are two clubs who have expressed a desire to host the meeting; discussions and options are being explored and discussed.
To vacate the PR Committee Chairperson's position since there has been no activity or participation from that position for over two years. The board discussed a possible candidate.
Dale expressed thanks to Donnie Dunlap for the Trail Leader packages he distributed prior to the trail rides at the recent Sno-Fari event.
And on behalf of Iron Man Off Road, Dale also expressed thanks to the Association for the Associate Member of the
Year Award presented at the recent Sno-Fari event.

And unless I've missed something, it looks like our next 'official event' is the March EBOD on Thursday March 16th. So that gives us a month to get some of these loose ends tied up!!!

Thanks to all the board and committee chairs who make this the great organization it is!!

Mike Olmstead
President - GLFWDA

February 19th, 2017, 10:28 PM
Any help needed for jeep the mac event? My May is booked, but April might not be.