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December 29th, 2016, 03:34 PM
I'm pleased to announce that the Land Use Committee will be staffed for 2017!!

Nick Navoni, President of Outback Wheelers out of Muskegon, has volunteered to take on the Land Use Committee Chairperson position! Nick is very well versed in land use issues, being quite active in local issues in his area, most recently the Yankee Springs area. He also brings 22 years of four wheeling experience to the position in everything from ATVs, bikes, sleds and of course Jeeps! Nick is married and has 3 kids.

In addition, Mike Timm has accepted a position on the Land Use Committee to assist Nick in a variety of ways. We all know that the Land Use work is more than a one-man-job, and Mike wants to help us make the Land Use Committee an effective force in the State again. Mike is a member of the Mud Sweat & Gears club, and has over 30 years experience in a variety of off-road vehicles, and is also married with 3 kids and owns two Jeeps!

I met with Nick & Mike earlier this week and they are both have some very specific ideas where we need to go and how to get there. One step they're taking right off the bat to make the LUC more effective is that Nick will work with clubs and issues on the west side of the state, and Mike will do the same for the east half. The whole idea here is to not overburden one guy trying to cover everything. Nick & Mike are also going to contact the club presidents of their respective sides of the state to introduce themselves, and enlist their - and their club's - support in various LUC issues.

In my opinion the Land Use Committee is one of our most important functions as an Association, and now we're getting back on track! But I want to be quick to also point out that a committee of two or three or even four cannot do it all alone - we need help and input from the general membership. There are some issues coming up in 2017 that will provide our clubs and membership a chance to help us keep trails open.

These positions are 'acting chairman & committee member' until they are voted on at the next quarterly membership meeting at the end of January 2017.

Mike Olmstead
President - GLFWDA

December 29th, 2016, 04:49 PM
Outstanding, good move Solidarity !

December 29th, 2016, 06:20 PM
Looking forward to the new challenges ahead.

December 29th, 2016, 06:40 PM
Thanks guys! :thumb:

January 12th, 2017, 08:30 PM
How can I help?


January 20th, 2017, 09:08 AM
For the West side of the state or LUC-West for short. I'm working to setup some meetings with clubs and FB group leaders. It's been slower than planned do to my family moving and several life changing events. But I still look to have a lay out plan and some structure in place by mid March. As it's been stated this is a Committee not a 1 person setup. I will be putting more time into how to make this all function to the best of my ability.

Shortcut - you ask how you can help? I need information on issues, really facts not hear say. Is there something that is being closed? Is there something you want to see reopened? Is there a crazy idea of how to gain more and new trails. I need this information from the "Boots on the ground".

January 20th, 2017, 09:09 PM
Get with Pat Brower...he will give you a list of areas to start working on. I was working with him...family issues cut my efforts short.

January 21st, 2017, 07:24 AM
Thank you, and yes he is on my list of people to contact. He don't live to far from me either.