View Full Version : EBOD Update!

April 28th, 2016, 01:53 PM
Hi Great Lakes Members!!!

Just a quick update of the highlights from our monthly Executive Board of Directors meeting!

Financials are strong, most of the trail maintenance moneys have been disbursed.

Membership is holding steady, even increasing a little, and we added to new Associate Members: Drummond Island Resort and the St. Ignace Visitors Bureau!!

And we have a new member club: the Outback Trail Riders! Welcome aboard guys!

The GLFWDA Store is fully stocked, so if you're needing something to replace a worn out shirt or hoody go to 'store@glfwda.org' and inquire appropriately.

Craig and the Awareness Committee crew just finished up training the Silver Lake ranger cadre again - great exposure for the Association and a super 'community service' effort!

GLFWDA participated in the recent 'Jeep the Mac' event - more on that in another post! Thanks to Kari Dunlap for spearheading that for the Association!

And here's what coming up:

This weekend: Spring Quarterly Membership Meeting at 7:00 PM on 4/29 (tomorrow!!!) at Ellens Corners in Mesick - not too late to come and participate and stick around for the annual 'Blessing of the Jeeps'!

Next the Association participation will be at Rocks 'n Valleys for the 'Jeeping for a Cure' event, which also has a post on our website elsewhere.

The Trail Ride Committee is doing a quick 'pre-run' up in Gitche Gumme country over the Memorial Day weekend; there may be room for one or two more to tag along, if you're interested get a hold of Jim at trc@glfwda.org

In June the Association's Trail Ride Committee will be hosting a Member Appreciation Run at Rocks 'n Valleys in conjunction with our Summer Quarterly Membership Meeting. The day will include discounts on the park fee and free food!! Come on out and hang with us for a day!

That gets us through the summer... In September is the Gitche Gumee run and October is the Jeep Creep, but more on those later.

If you find yourself looking for a way to contribute more to the Association, come on down!! We can always use help, particularly when we set out tent up at one of the events!

I know not everyone gets to every event, but when your there stop by the tent if for nothing else but to say 'Hi!" and let us know your behind us!

Mike O.
President GLFWDA