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April 4th, 2016, 07:42 AM
The Return of Gitchee Gumee Ė Field Reporter


April 3, 2016 by JPFreek

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By: Luke Davis

In the last weekend of September 2015, a small group of rigs headed up to Blueberry hills campground near Goulais River in Northern Canada. The run is put on by the GLFWDA. You must be a member of the association to attend. Older members have been wheeling this area for many years. A friend and I took my 2015 2-door JK on 35s hooked up to an 1981 camper I bought three days before we left. Departing Jackson Thursday after work, it was a good eight-hour drive to the campground.

Friday morning at 8 AM was the drivers meeting and registration. Shortly after, we split up into our groups and headed out. Letís get down to the facts. If you are afraid of dings, dents, scratches, and pushing the capabilities of your rig, this run is not for you. You must pack for worst case scenario. Lots of water and food are strongly recommended. Chances are you will winch at some point, need spotted, and hear some noises youíve never heard before on your rig. This is two long days of some of the best wheeling around. Donít let that scare you. If you come prepared and bring a great attitude, this will be a trip you and your family will never forget.

Most of the trails are old mining roads that seem to never end. The few stops we had were scenic and eventful including waterfalls and exploring the inside of an abandoned copper mine. The trails can be very difficult at times, but no need to worry as everyone is willing to help if you need it, especially the trail guide and sweep. Many bridges are out, so creek crossings are inevitable, but they make the trail even better. Our trail guide and sweep (Jim Kitson and Dale Stroebel), were nothing but the best.

After breakfast put on by the trail guides and a quick drivers meeting, we were quickly onto the trail Saturday morning. Another exciting day of scenic and challenging trails followed. We were back to the campground in the late afternoon. A small group including us went on a short night run which proved to be exciting and challenging. A bonfire that night with everyone concluded the trip.

If you are looking for adventure, this is the trip for you. The scenery and terrain are like nowhere else. Great people, great trails, and years of hard work from the people of GLFWDA make it happen. Without them none of this would be possible.

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Who are these two "Jim" guys mentioned in this story? :lol:

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Cool, best trail ride ever!