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March 28th, 2006, 10:39 AM
I have a question for anyone who Actually has a skorkel or direct knowledge about these things. The reason I ask from these people is that I have gotten mixed replies such as "Ram Air" and "it will hinder engine preformance",ect..... I am talking about the ARB Safari Snorkel. I have been thinking about getting one for awhile now. I looked at the Volant Cold Air Intake and their version of a Snorkel and was unimpressed by all the different 90 degree bends that the air would have to take before being delivered into the actual air filter. ARB Safari Snorkel has been around for a long time. I have been told several different things by different people, none of whom actually have snorkels. I plan on other upgrades to help with HP later on such as Banks Headers, Exhaust, Throttle Boddy Spacer, and maybe a chip. Sooooo, my question is, will it actually act as a "Ram Air" and let the engine breath a little better. I'm not asking for a miracle, just a little better breathability. I'm also not inquiring about a snorkel to improve HP or anything like that. I just want my engine to breath a little bit better and not hydrolock my engine when I'm out playing. Did your fuel milage, increase, decrease, or stay the same? I am getting the tub LINE-X'd this summer. So, if the gets a little wet, ohhhhh well, such is life. I bought this thing to take my family out and HAVE FUN! Sooo, if anyone could shed some light on this for me, I'd greatly appreciate. Thanks in advance.

Creative Fab
March 28th, 2006, 10:51 AM
I have an ARB snorkel. It does not effect my performance, nor have I noticed an increase in performance from a "ram air" effect. However when I am not using it (I also use an open element K&N when not wheeling the wet stuff) I am taking in all the hot air from under the hood and it is always better to take in cool air than hot air, so it's said.

So why do I switch between the snorkel and the open K&N you ask, I am not sure seeing as I notice no difference between the two.

So to answer your question, I personally dont think you will notice any performance gains but you will keep the water out of the intake with the snorkel, plus they look cool :P

March 28th, 2006, 11:29 AM
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I looked at the Volant Cold Air Intake and their version of a Snorkel and was unimpressed by all the different 90 degree bends that the air would have to take before being delivered into the actual air filter.[/b]
I don&#39;t have a snorkel but I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night&#33; :P

I&#39;ve installed a few and the tube that connects the air box to the snorkel, especially on newer jeeps, takes quite a few bends and is corrugated so it&#39;s not a smooth surface. The newer Jeeps (TJ) use a different battery tray from the older Jeeps and you really need to snake the tube through it (or cut the battery tray).

In theory, having the snorkel at windshield height it seems like the air would be forced through and into the airbox.... I&#39;ve had a few people say that they did notice a little difference when running a snorkel and a K&N filter, but it&#39;s hard to say which caused the difference.

In any case, I agree with Ironman - a snorkel will keep water out of your intake and it looks cool&#33; :thumb-up:

March 29th, 2006, 09:23 AM
ya ive installed a snorkel on my roommates jeep. it will keep u dry&#33;&#33; and thats very important. but the small restrictive intake hose is the accordian type so it will not flow as well as a cold air kit. but your getting colder air&#33;&#33; thats a plus. its about a wash i bet. the intake hose under the battery tray through the fender is kinda small&#33;&#33; cant flow well&#33;&#33; if your gonna hit real deep water get the snorkel. i got a k&n fipk kit and i wheel alot and i never had any problem with water. it as high as the factory intake&#33; i guess being dry is more important if you like palying in deep water. good luck&#33;

March 29th, 2006, 11:41 AM
THanks for the replies so far. I am thinking another route. I didn&#39;t know that the ARB Snorkel had alot of angles to it as well for the newer wranglers. Would this Intake kit be ok if I try and avoid deep water? I can always add their snorkel to this later if I choose. The opening for the air seems to be just about where the stock one is except it isn&#39;t directional pointed up.


March 29th, 2006, 06:58 PM
Theres deep water then theres water that hits the fan and shoots into the intake....

With my snorkle (custom, you can&#39;t buy one, not that anyone would&#33;) its is just basically a K&N filter with a 2.5" hose running to the throttle body. Its just mounted outside on the cowl and is covered with a hummer looking PVC cover.

I noticed a significant increase in mileage and power. I think it was around 2mpg and a definite seat of the pants jump in power, I could stay in 5th up hills now. I was using the stock box with a drop in K&N.

If you don&#39;t blast thru water holes or dive into deep water, go for it, it looks like it has a huge air tube&#33;

Side Note: If you run into dusty trails, think about putting on a foam filter instead of any paper K&N etc... I have a vacuum foam prefilter I slide over my snorkle for the really dusty stuff, I noticed without it I have light dust on the intake tube after a dusty run, lightly coated in oil, works OK....

Good luck&#33;