View Full Version : 14 bolt confessional

September 8th, 2015, 04:50 PM
So I confess after years of running Dana 60 Rear axles I think I like 14 bolts better!

On one of our preruns to Canada to search out Gitchee trails a friend of mine lost a rear axle shaft at 50 MPH at midnight on North 17....Scary..Lots of sparks flying, a 38" tire and possibly some poo too. The Jeep sat on the trailer until yesterday when he decided how the axle was going to be fixed. We found the rear Dana 44 was bent causing about 1 degree of difference at the end of each axle tube.

The new axle will be a 14 bolt from a 1 ton cargo van. I've only tore apart a 14 bolt once before and was always turned off by the lose of ground clearance. Now after several years of running Dana 60 rears and messing around with turning down the ID of the spindle so 35 spline shafts fit in I'm a changed man.

The new axle will get a 4.88 gear (fits on a 4.10 and down carrier), Detroit Locker (Fits inside open carrier), Solid Hubs (converts to 5 x 5.5 and narrows the axle 2.25"), Disc brakes, Home built Truss and 4 link brackets.

Hopefully it will see Gitchee Gumee 2015.