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June 16th, 2015, 04:41 PM
All the below incidents were excerpted from the DNR Law Enforcement Bi-Weekly reports

I have copied below all the ORV/ATV related reports, if you want to read further into the rest of the folks who wind up on the DNR’s **** list, please follow the link below.


Law Enforcement Division
Bi-Weekly Field Report
5/24/15 – 6/6/15


CO Brian Lasanen made contact with an ORV operating against the flow of traffic. The operator of the ORV did not have a valid ORV license. Enforcement action was taken.

CO Brian Bacon observed a group of ORVs operating in an area of state land that is posted closed to operation. CO Bacon contacted the group and enforcement action was taken for disobeying the signs posted against operation.

COs Brett DeLonge and Marvin Gerlach observed two subjects operating ORVs against the flow on a public roadway. The subjects were not wearing helmets and neither ORV had current decals. One subject also had his driving privileges suspended. Enforcement action was taken.

While on ORV patrol, CO Marvin Gerlach contacted an elderly subject operating an ORV who stated he was lost and had been looking for his vehicle and trailer for a couple of hours. The subject was not familiar with the area and did not have a map or GPS with him. After the subject gave a general description of where he had started from and a description of his vehicle, CO Gerlach led the grateful subject back to his vehicle which was located only about a half of a mile away.

CO Jason Wicklund and Sgt. Marc Pomroy stopped two ORV operators for operating on the public roadway. A check of one of the subjects found that he had been ticketed for the same infraction a few weeks earlier. Enforcement action was taken.

CO Brett DeLonge conducted an ORV patrol on a local ORV trail system in Menominee County. As CO DeLonge wrapped his patrol up he observed two ORVs leaving the trail head parking lot, both with two riders each. Upon contact with the ORVs it was determined that one ORV was occupied by a father and his six year old son and the second ORV was occupied by the father’s other two sons, ages seven and 13. Both ORVs had no ORV registrations or trail permits attached. When CO DeLonge explained the violations and the dangerous situation the children were in the father mentioned that they were going on a quick ride and that the ORVs would be safe on the busy trail because the machines were smaller in size. Enforcement action was taken.

CO Marvin Gerlach conducted an ORV patrol on state land along the Menominee River in Menominee County to address recent land damage. Numerous contacts were made with 100% compliance.


CO Jeff Panich was working an ORV patrol on Drummond Island when he observed an ORV exiting a closed section of trail. CO Panich caught up with the operator and asked if he knew he was on a closed trail. To the officer’s surprise, the man said yes, and explained he was just approached by a girl walking down the trail. She explained that her boyfriend’s jeep was stuck in the mud. The ORV operator went for help after seeing that he couldn’t pull the jeep out with his ORV. CO Panich then followed the ORV to where the jeep was stuck. Upon arriving on scene, CO Panich observed a jeep with only the cab sticking out of the mud. Approximately an hour later and with two other jeeps with winches pulling, the operator of the stuck jeep was finally free. While speaking with CO Panich, the operator of the jeep stated, “I realize why this section of trail is closed now”. Enforcement action was taken.

CO John Busken observed an ATV operating in west Mackinac County. A traffic stop was conducted since the CO was unable to verify that the ATV had a 2015 ORV registration attached. Contact with the operator revealed that he had only purchased the ORV Trail Permit. When asked if he had his driver’s license on him the operator replied he did not. He then stated that he did not have a current driver’s license. Further investigation revealed that the operator’s driving privileges were suspended. Enforcement action was taken.

Acting Sgt. John Wenzel represented Law Enforcement Division at a meeting of the Off-road Advisory Workgroup held in Delta County. Questions were asked about sound enforcement for ORVs and the legalities of carrying a firearm on an ORV.

CO Mike Hammill, along with several other COs, gave instruction on ORV operation and laws this past weekend at the RAM center. A good number of individuals participated and completed the training allowing them to teach youth and adults in their communities on how to be safe, responsible ORV operators.


CO Andrea Erratt responded to a complaint of ORVs on the North Country hiking trail. Upon making contact, CO Erratt realized she had ticketed the same subjects for the same violation in 2008. This time they received additional enforcement attention.

CO Steve Speigl investigated an ORV trespass complaint where the ORV operator was caught on a trail camera. With no identification of the suspect, CO Speigl canvassed the neighborhood, and finally found a relative who identified the suspect. Contact was made with the suspect and enforcement action taken.

Sgt. Greg Drogowski responded to a recreational trespass complaint where a mushroom hunter drove onto a large parcel of private property following her GPS-Tom-Tom unit, ignoring the fence and two gates. After getting stuck and causing significant damage attempting to get out, the caretaker found her after she called for a tow truck. A recreational trespass ticket was issued.


CO Phillip Hudson responded to a complaint of ORVs operating on closed state land. CO Hudson arrived on scene and located the suspects illegally operating ORVs. During the investigation that followed the CO found the suspects were illegally camping and cutting standing timber. The suspects also had nine outstanding warrants. Enforcement action was taken.

CO Kyle Bader was patrolling two-tracks on state land for illegal ORV activity when he met a car in the opposing lane. The car pulled over to allow CO Bader to pass and he observed two open beer bottles inside the cup holders of the vehicle. CO Bader stopped the vehicle and addressed the open intoxicants. At that time, it was also determined that the driver of the vehicle was operating on a suspended license. She was arrested and lodged in the Ogemaw County Jail.

CO Brian Olsen, while on patrol, observed an ORV doing “donuts” in the middle of a county road. He contacted the operator who had not noticed him watching. When CO Olsen questioned the operator about the illegal activity in the roadway, he stated, “I don’t know who did that.” CO Olsen informed the man that he had just watched his careless operation from a distance. Enforcement action was taken.
CO Chuck McPherson gave a presentation to over 20 future ORV instructors at the DNR ORV instructor school.


COs Will Brickel and Dan Lee were on patrol in the Gratiot/Saginaw State Game Area (SGA) when they observed sets of ORV tracks going into the closed area. Upon further patrol, two of the four machines were found and enforcement action was taken. Later in the patrol the third and fourth machines were also located.


Patrolling the Pointe Mouillee SGA, CO Dan Walzak came across a pickup truck parked at an angle across a two lane road. The vehicle was very muddy as it had driven off the road into a water-filled ditch and was pulled out. The driver of the vehicle was nowhere to be found and the abandoned vehicle had the driver’s side windows and rear window broken out of it. CO Walzak was joined by a deputy from the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department who advised that no report of a stolen vehicle had been filed with them. The vehicle was towed from the area.

June 19th, 2015, 10:51 AM
It makes for good reading, but I want to know what the actual actions taken were! Fined? Impounded?

June 21st, 2015, 10:40 PM
I've been reading these for a few years, always wondered the same thing!