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June 16th, 2015, 04:25 PM
All the below incidents were excerpted from the DNR Law Enforcement Bi-Weekly reports

I have copied below all the ORV/ATV related reports, if you want to read further into the rest of the folks who wind up on the DNR’s **** list, please follow the link below.



CO Brian Lasanen contacted a subject operating an ORV against the flow of traffic in a careless manner. Enforcement action was taken.

CO Elton Luce reported a high volume of ORV activity. Many groups of ORVs were contacted and checked for valid ORV licenses. One ORV in the last group of ORVs checked did not have a valid ORV license. Enforcement action was taken.

CO Brian Bacon stopped an ORV operator traveling at a high rate of speed on the roadway. The subject was operating against the flow of traffic and had failed to register the ORV. Enforcement action was taken.

COs Brett DeLonge and Marv Gerlach contacted two ORV operators without helmets operating on the roadway. The ORVs were unregistered and the operators’ driver’s licenses were suspended. Enforcement action was taken.


CO Kevin Postma worked ORVs in the Paradise area over the Memorial Day weekend making numerous contacts and issuing many warnings and tickets for various infractions.

CO Jeff Panich worked on Drummond Island over the Memorial Day weekend. Over 100 contacts were made, most being very positive. Unfortunately, a few riders were operating in closed areas, with open intoxicants, and not wearing helmets. One operator of a motor vehicle decided he didn’t need to license his truck figuring an ORV sticker on the bumper would cover the requirements of licensing. CO Panich discussed the issues with all; enforcement action was taken with several individuals.

CO Jeff Panich was working ORVs in the Kinross area when he received a complaint of dirt bikes operating on the shoreline of a local lake. CO Panich responded and was able to locate the operator of the dirt bike. It was determined that the individual was a juvenile who decided to go riding without his parents’ consent. While trying to locate the operator’s parents, CO Panich observed another dirt bike riding on the road also being operated by a juvenile and doing so without a helmet. The operator spotted the CO and fled. CO Panich opted not to pursue the dirt bike; he was able to follow the tracks and set up surveillance. A short time later he observed the same dirt bike and juvenile operator. This time the officer was able to stop the dirt bike. Both juveniles’ parents were contacted and enforcement action was taken.

CO Brett Gustafson worked ORV operators over the Memorial Day holiday weekend. Compliance was high, activity low.

CO Robert Crisp responded to a personal injury ORV accident in Grand Marais near Au Sable Lake. CO Crisp assisted first responders with first aid and transportation of the victim to a waiting Emergency Medical Services (EMS) unit. From the scene it appeared that the side-by-side had struck or jumped a large sand hill causing the driver to be ejected from the vehicle. Unfortunately it was later found that the accident was fatal.


CO Duane Budreau observed several ORVs climbing hills in the Wycamp Lake area. The operators were ticketed for operating on state land in a closed area. They were upset because they thought all closed areas should be posted.

COs Mike Feagan and Eric Bottorff found ORVs in an area restored from ORV damage on state land. Both were ticketed.

COs Eric Bottorff and Matt Theunick ticketed several subjects operating ORVs in closed areas at the Black Mt. Recreation Area.

While completing reports in his patrol truck near a wetland area, CO Eric Bottorff heard “Whoo-hooo” and the sound of ORVs. CO Bottorff found two subjects on ORVs tearing up the wetlands. Both were ticketed.

CO Steve Speigl received a complaint of dirt bikes operating in the Jordan Valley, where all ORVs are prohibited. CO Speigl located the ORVs and ticketed the operators. CO Andrea Erratt located two lost mushroom hunters on their ORV. They had been driving cross-country all over state land. After being found and ticketed, the operator admitted he’d been warned several years ago for the same violation, but thought the law may have changed.

CO Andrea Erratt and a DNR forester contacted several subjects on ORVs operating in closed areas on state land with expired ORV licenses, operating while driver’s license suspended and with open intoxicants. Tickets and warnings were issued for the various violations.

COs Nick Torsky and Mark DePew responded to numerous complaints about ORVs; the officers responded an issued tickets ranging from careless operation to operating in a closed area.

CO Brad Bellville was patrolling state land when he contacted a 10 year old operating an ORV by himself on a machine that was not licensed. The CO followed him back to his residence and issued the parent a ticket for the unlicensed machine and gave a warning for allowing the youth operate unsupervised.

COs Brad Bellville and Kelly Ross were following a slow moving vehicle on state land. Once the driver realized the officers were behind her she accelerated and started driving carelessly. She then continued down a dead end two track where the officers conducted a traffic stop. Upon contacting the driver she was found to be in possession of an open beer, marijuana, and was operating the vehicle while intoxicated. She was arrested and lodged in the Montmorency County Jail.

COs Brad Bellville and Kelly Ross were on patrol when they observed three motorcycles jumping the ditches alongside a busy road in Lewiston. CO Ross activated his emergency lights and one of the vehicles fled while the other two stopped. The officer stayed with the two that stopped and requested assistance from other law enforcement officers who began looking for the other rider. The officers asked the riders to text their friend who answered and agreed to return to their location. The rider stated he fled because the motorcycle he was riding had a license plate on it and he did not have a cycle endorsement. He was ticketed for failing to stop for the officers.

CO Bill Webster patrolled state land and issued tickets to ORV operators who were operating in prohibited areas and driving through rivers.

CO Bill Webster investigated an ORV accident where an operator was riding on state land illegally. The subject then trespassed on private property and drove into a barbed wire which struck him in the face. The landowner had recently put the fence up to keep trespassers out. The rider was ticketed for illegally operating on state land and warned for trespassing.


Working a routine ORV patrol in Lake County, COs Kyle Publiski and Brian Brosky found themselves meeting head on with an off-road golf cart operating on a county roadway in their lane of traffic on a blind curve. The COs were able to avoid colliding with the ORV then quickly realized the operator and passengers were attempting to flee the scene. Just prior to conducting a traffic stop, the COs watched as the occupants threw beer cans from the cart. Enforcement action was taken for the open intoxicants, illegal operation of an ORV and careless driving.

While checking a damaged area on state land, COs Kyle Publiski and Brian Brosky located a Jeep stuck in a sand bowl. The COs contacted the operator about the illegal operation, and while there, watched as two more trucks and two ORVs entered that same illegal site. Contact was made with all the other operators, and enforcement action was taken.

CO Josiah Killingbeck stopped a subject in Lake County for illegal ORV operation and found that he had met the operator during the prior snowmobile season. The operator proudly revealed that the CO had stopped him and his buddy for running a stop sign this past winter while snowmobiling, advising that his friend was taken to jail for a warrant. The CO remembered the contact and advised him that they had to stop meeting this way. Enforcement action was taken.

CO Mike Wells of Newaygo County was on patrol at Silver Lake Sand Dunes when he observed a group of subjects standing in the flats area watching the day’s events. A female was observed holding what appeared to be a beer can in a cooler wrap and when CO Wells approached the female he observed her shove the beverage in the front pouch area of her hoodie sweat shirt. The subject was advised to remove the container and it was confirmed it was a can of beer. Further visual inspection of the vehicle she was next to revealed several other unopened containers of beer. The female subject was ticketed for the unlawful possession of alcohol at Silver Lake Sand Dunes. Several other violations were issued regarding no valid operator’s license in possession and fail to transfer title of ownership of ORV during the day’s patrol.

CO Ben Shively of Oceana County had a busy weekend enforcing ORV violations. CO Shively issued a ticket for failure to wear a helmet on a dirt bike and provided several verbal warnings for various ORV related violations.


CO Mike Hearn investigated an ORV personal injury accident in Kalkaska County. Upon arrival it was determined that the victim had fallen off his motorcycle while turning around. While on the ground, another person, operating a four wheeler, ran over the victim’s leg, causing it to break at the knee. The victim was taken to the hospital for treatment.

After returning home one night from patrol, CO Mike Hearn received a complaint regarding several trucks operating in a mud hole on state land. Someone was posting pictures of the trucks on Facebook and the activity was currently in progress. CO Hearn responded and was able to contact five vehicles and approximately 25 people partying at the site. Several tickets were issued, a vehicle was impounded and one of the operators was arrested for driving while license suspended.

CO Matt Liestenfeltz was working ORVs in a closed area when he observed a Polaris RZR with one occupant. When CO Liestenfeltz attempted to stop the operator of the RZR, he fled from the scene. CO Liestenfeltz was able to track the RZR to a road intersection where the ORV was intercepted and stopped. The driver was confused on his direction of travel; tickets were issued for operating an ORV in a closed area and failing to stop for an officer.

While patrolling state land near St. Helen, CO Chuck McPherson and Sgt. Jeremy Payne observed a jeep operating recklessly on state land. The operator of the jeep was doing “doughnuts” in a grassy area on state land. When the operator saw the officers he attempted to flee the area. The COs caught up to the jeep and made a traffic stop. When Sgt. Payne asked the driver if he knew why he was stopped the driver stated, “Because I was driving like an idiot.” Enforcement action was taken.

COs Brian Olsen and Phil Hudson worked a group patrol for ORV activity during the Memorial Day weekend. The two officers issued over 30 tickets for many different ORV violations.

COs Jon Warner and Josh Russell were patrolling for ORV activity when they contacted two juveniles in a closed area. The two 13 year olds were engaged in a hill climb on ORVs when the COs made contact. They had no adult supervision and had not taken an ORV safety class. The COs followed them back to their camp and turned them over to parents. Enforcement action was taken.

COs Joel Lundberg, Dan Lee, and Quincy Gowenlock were conducting a joint ORV patrol in the Kawkawlin Flooding area when they heard the sounds of a vehicle revving the engine at high RPMs. As the COs searched the area, they located several pickup trucks parked on the trail and a mudder truck driving back and forth through a mud bog. The subjects were ordered to come out and upon contact were advised that it was illegal to be driving off road. The subjects claimed ignorance to the laws and after a brief discussion agreed with the COs. While CO Gowenlock obtained the drivers’ information, COs Lundberg and Lee walked around the area where all the bystanders were watching and located partially full beer cans still cool to the touch. When asked, two other subjects admitted to tossing the beer cans when they saw the officers. A ticket was issued to the driver for operating in a closed area and littering tickets were issued to his friends.


CO Shane Webster observed a dirt bike being operated on a local Jackson County roadway. Upon noticing CO Webster, the operator quickly sped away down the road. Familiar with the area, CO Webster responded to a residence nearby where he believed the operator had come from. Upon confirming the subject had come from that home he advised the residents to call the ORV operator and have him return immediately. The subject returned and stated he had just gotten scared when he saw the officer. Enforcement action was taken for operating on a public roadway, no helmet or eye protection and no ORV license.