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June 1st, 2015, 07:36 AM
All the below incidents were excerpted from the DNR Law Enforcement Bi-Weekly reports

I have copied below all the ORV/ATV related reports, if you want to read further into the rest of the folks who wind up on the DNR’s **** list, please follow the link below.

http://www.mi.gov/dnr/0,1607,7-153-42199_50569---,00.html (All the below incidents were excerpted from the DNT Law Enforcement Bi-Weekly reports)

COs Matthew Eberly, Dennis Gast, Mark Leadman, Elton Luce, David Miller, Doug Hermanson and Sgt. yan Aho conducted a group ORV patrol. Large numbers of ORVs were contacted. Many violations were observed and enforcement action was taken.

CO Brett DeLonge was on patrol with his ORV when he came across an area with recent ORV damage. While checking the area, he could hear ORVs in the distance. A few minutes later the operators approached CO DeLonge’s location. Contact with the operators found they were not responsible for the recent damage, but the operators had not purchased ORV licenses. Enforcement action was taken.

CO Grant Emery worked an area in Gogebic County related to ORV damage caused by trespass into wetland areas. Off road vehicle operators were surprised to find CO Emery working the area. Numerous ORV violations were addressed on top of the fact the operators were trespassing. Enforcement action was taken.

CO Bobby Watson was beginning his daily patrol when a four-wheeler was observed travelling down a state highway. The driver was not wearing a helmet and had a very young child sitting on his lap who was also not wearing a helmet. Contact was made and enforcement action was taken.

CO Robert Crisp was traveling on Hwy 13 when an ORV pulled out in front of him and accelerated to approximately 65 MPH. CO Crisp conducted a traffic stop on the ORV to find out why the subject was traveling on the roadway and at such a high rate of speed. Upon making contact with the driver it was clear that he was under the influence of intoxicants and had an open beer on the machine. CO Crisp gave the operator a PBT with a result of .15. Enforcement action was taken.

CO Andrea Erratt received a complaint of ORVs in a closed area on state land. CO Erratt waited for the ORVs and contacted them on the way out. The subjects were turkey hunting and one of them was sitting on a loaded and uncased shotgun. He stated he thought his CPL allowed him to carry a loaded and uncased shotgun. None were wearing helmets. Enforcement action was taken.

CO Brad Bellville stopped two ORVs operating on the roadway whose operators were not wearing helmets. CO Bellville explained the laws pertaining to ORV operation and issued a ticket to one of the operators for operating without a helmet.

CO Jon Sklba was patrolling Rockport when he contacted three individuals who were operating an ORV in a closed area near one of the sink holes. The operator had driven around a gate with his two passengers and none of them were wearing a helmet. A ticket was issued to the operator of the ORV for operating in a closed area and a warning given for the other violations.

CO Josiah Killingbeck was working an ORV patrol when he encountered a side-by-side ORV being operated in a campground. The operator was not wearing a seatbelt. CO Killingbeck contacted the operator and ascertained there were no ORV permits for the ORV. He also discovered that the operator had open intoxicants and was currently suspended. The operator was arrested and lodged at the Lake County Jail.

CO Kyle Publiski was working an ORV patrol near an illegal hill climb in Lake County when he witnessed an ORV operating in a closed area. CO Publiski stopped the operator and found that he was intoxicated and in possession of marijuana. Enforcement action was taken.

COs Josh Russell and John Huspen stopped ORVs operating illegally at Camp Grayling in Crawford County. As the COs were finishing their stop, they observed two additional ORVs coming up the trail. When the operators saw the officers and their emergency lights, they immediately turned around and sped off. CO Russell pursued them in his patrol truck, which led to a chase off road and back onto a two-track. At that time, the ORVs split up and CO Russell was able to get one of them stopped. After further questioning the location of the camp was determined and the other ORV operator was contacted as he came back into camp. Enforcement action was taken.

CO Mike Hearn responded to an ORV personal injury accident at an illegal hill climb on state land. CO Hearn was first on scene, and was able to direct first responders into the remote portion of state land. Upon investigation, it was determined that the operator had rolled a four wheeler while navigating around a wash out on the trail. The victim was turned over to first responders for medical treatment.

COs Joel Lundberg and Dan Lee were patrolling state land in northern Midland County when they encountered two dirt bikes operating where prohibited. They stopped the riders and discussed the situation. One of the men asked the COs to explain how he could possibly know if he was on an ORV trail when there weren’t any signs. The other rider, when issued his ticket, explained that he gets one every year. A check of DNR records proved him to be correct. The court was notified of his continued violations.

CO Chris Simpson, on two occasions while off duty, had observed a subject operate a motorcycle past his residence at an extremely high rate of speed. During the second incident, neighbors added that this driver continues to do this putting children and drivers at risk in the neighborhood. CO Simpson followed the operator of the cycle home after the second incident and during his investigation said he felt the driver was operating in excess of 90 mph in a 55 mph zone. The driver stated he was doing 105 mph at the time, had no cycle endorsement and the vehicle was registered to another owner. CO Simpson had a lengthy discussion with the operator and took enforcement action for the violations and gave several verbal warnings.

CO Chris Simpson was patrolling the Muskegon State Game Area (SGA) when a four wheel ATV was observed riding down the road heading into the game area. After stopping the vehicle it was learned the operator had multiple suspensions on his driver’s license. Enforcement action was taken and the operator was returned to his residence.

CO Brad Brewer located a Jeep in Three Rivers SGA that was stuck on a hill in an area where motor vehicle operation is prohibited. Three subjects were waiting on a friend to come back and help them get the Jeep unstuck. The operator of the vehicle was ticketed for operating a motor vehicle in a prohibited area and the Jeep was successfully removed.

CO Chris Reynolds passed an ORV on a back road. When the CO returned to the area, the ORV and the subject were waiting. The CO questioned the subject on why he was not wearing a helmet; the subject stated that he heard that he didn’t need to wear a helmet since the county had passed a law saying such. The CO explained to the individual that helmets are required for all ORVs in the county. A verbal warning was given.

CO Matt Page received a complaint of a snowmobile operating on the roadway in early May. CO Page located tracks from the snowmobile on the side of the road that led into a barn with an older model snowmobile located inside. CO Page questioned the landowner who stated that he drove the snowmobile on the road because he just bought it and wanted to “get it ready for winter.” The snowmobile did not have any registration paperwork nor did it have any decals. Enforcement action was taken.

While on patrol, CO Ben Lasher observed a male driving an ORV on Wadhams Road. CO Lasher pulled into the driveway of where he suspected the machine had come from and contacted a juvenile female standing in the garage door area with an ORV helmet in her hands. CO Lasher asked if her dad was driving the ORV and she advised he was. CO Lasher then waited in the driveway for a few minutes and the suspect returned to the garage. CO Lasher then made contact with the subject and advised him of the violations. The subject stated that he did not need a helmet because of the change in the helmet law. Enforcement action was taken.