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April 8th, 2015, 02:54 PM
Press Release

April 8, 2015

Contact: Greg Sherburn or Charlotte Kiefer, 231-873-3083

Dune-ready vouchers no longer required at Silver Lake State Park ORV Area

The Department of Natural Resources has been working with a volunteer task force over the last several months to develop an improved access plan for the Silver Lake ORV Area (SLORVA) that will include a more efficient check-in process.

The SLORVA Task Force, which is comprised of various business owners, commercial users, residents and off-road enthusiasts, made recommendations to the DNR to improve the ORV area. Specifically, members strategized how to make dune entry for both local and traveling dune users faster by reducing unnecessary wait lines. The task force unanimously voted to eliminate permit sales at the ORV area entrance and eliminate the "dune-ready" vouchers. Dune-ready vehicles that can be driven straight from the road to the dunes will no longer require a dune-ready voucher. With the elimination of the dune-ready vouchers, visitors must make sure they are prepared when they reach the ORV area entrance. Park rangers and task force volunteers will be checking vehicles at the entrance gate for:

Recreation Passports
ORV permits
ORV trail permits

Users should secure these permits prior to arriving at Silver Lake State Park to make access more efficient. Recreation Passports and ORV permits will no longer be sold at the ORV area. This will allow for a steady flow of traffic through the ORV entrance gate. Customers may visit the Welcome Center (formerly known as the Voucher Center) or other locations to purchase the required permits if they do not have them prior to entering the ORV area.

“Being prepared before lining up to enter the dunes is going to be very important this year,” said Charlotte Kiefer, Silver Lake State Park manager. “The task force has been working hard to come up with a plan to keep the dune entrance line manageable and off the county road as much as possible without vouchers. By moving permit sales off site, this is one less stop and will keep the line moving.”

In addition to having all required permits, dune-ready also means:

Vehicle is street-legal.
Safety flag is attached in the proper location and at least 10 feet high.
All passengers have seat belts.
Vehicle has a windshield OR passengers wear goggles.
Vehicle has spark arrester type exhaust/reverse flow exhaust.
Noise level is at or below 94 decibels.
Driver must have valid, unrestricted driver’s license.
Recommended tire pressure is 15 pounds per square inch.
NO alcohol is present.

Parking lot vouchers still will be required. Another press release will be sent next week with more information.

Volunteers are working with the DNR to put together educational brochures and informational videos to inform visitors on what is required for ORV dune access.

As the task force continues to work toward improving the ORV area, additional updates will be announced via press release, ORV trail email updates and on the Silver Lake ORV Area web page.

For information about the SLORVA Task Force, please contact Charlotte Kiefer at 231-873-3083.

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April 10th, 2015, 11:00 AM
Good news!

I haven't been to the dunes in almost 6 years, might be time to schedule a return visit.