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September 20th, 2013, 02:28 PM
This one is a bit different - no trash to pick up, no phone calls to make, no letters to write.

We need a volunteer with the following qualifications:

1. Jeep owner (or at least willing to attend a Jeep-only event with a lesser vehicle)
2. Must be an experienced four wheeler - I will not debate the meaning of "experienced", but if all of your four wheeling experience is the snow piles in the Meijer parking lot, you are not who I am looking for
3. Must regularly travel with your kids and/or pets on the trails
4. Must be comfortable making a 20-30 minute presentation to a small public audience

Meghan, the coordinator of the Jeep Creep (October 25-27) has once again asked GLFWDA for help with Riverwalk's event. This year, she has asked us to provide 3 20-30 minute seminar-type presentations to the Jeep Creep attendees. Our illustrious President Pat Beldock will be leading a discussion on how to equip your Jeep for the trail, with an emphasis on safety. I, your humble soon-to-be-past-something-or-other will be doing a short presentation on trail communications. We are looking for someone to do the third one, which will focus on tips for wheeling with your kids and critters.

You do not need to be an expert at anything (obviously, since I am doing one!) - many of the attendees at the Jeep Creep are not 20 year veterans on the trails, and I am guessing someone with a long history on the trails is not going to get excited about attending one of these seminars anyway, other than out of curiosity or perhaps to lend a hand. What we would hope for is:

1. Wear a GLFWDA shirt/hat/sweatshirt to represent the Association. If you need one, let me know.
2. Do a little homework and come prepared. If public speaking is not your thing, you need to be prepared to talk for 20 minutes, and hope their is enough discussion, comments or questions to take up the remainder.
3. Come prepared to have a good time - we are not selling Amway or life insurance, and this is not supposed to be a hard-kore seminar on performing open heart surgery on your poodle in the wilds of the Canadian wilderness.

You can make a presentation on your own, you can recruit a couple of friends and make it a panel discussion, or you can make it strictly an audience participation discussion with you as the moderator - all I ask is that you take ownership of the 3rd presentation and send Meghan or me a brief blurb about anything specific you are going to focus on, or maybe a catchy name for your discussion.