View Full Version : Mayville 2013 Memorial Day Parade/Breakfast & The Mounds

May 23rd, 2013, 09:48 AM
We (ThumbJeeps) have a bunch of Jeeps running in the Mayville MI memorial day parade. If anyone is interested, we are meeting at the Mayville High School at 8:15am. The address is 6250 Fulton St Mayville, MI 48744


8:00-8:15am, Meeting at Mayville High School back parking lot
8:40'ish, Line up for parade
9:00am, parade rolls out
9:20'ish, parade ends
9:30'ish, head to Millington Inn for group breakfast (or split off if you need to head out)
10:15-10:30'ish, head to the Mounds ORV park in Mt. Morris for a few hours of wheeling

You will want to bring;
Flags if you want to decorate your Jeep for the parade
Water/drinks/snacks for the morning/afternoon
Fire Extinguisher (not mandatory on this trip but always recommended)
Camera if you want pics
Handheld radio (standard public band) we usually run channel 3, 8 or 17 depending. Not mandatory, but bring one if you have it. Prob. running channel 8 Monday...

Notice; you must have a valid 2013 Michigan ORV sticker on your rig to get into the Mounds ORV park. They can be obtained anywhere that sells hunting licenses for $16.50. The Mounds is an ORV park for all sorts of things. From stockers up to crawlers, there are all different types of obsticals and terrain. From taking a nice trail cruise to watch for wildlife all the way to bogging in a couple feet of mud or climbing the rocks & sewer pipes! A bumper flag stick is not required for the Mounds. Just be sure to watch for faster, smaller ORVs!