View Full Version : Inner Fender Flares

August 10th, 2004, 09:33 PM
OK, so I had worked on my Jeep for abour 2 months and about 1 week before our Memorial Weekend run to the UP, I had it rolling on tires. So from there on out till we left it was finish what matters, ignore the rest. :blink:

Long story short, I didn't put on my inner fender flare rubber things. They were held on with those stupid christmas tree looking nut-less fasteners. Nobody had the right ones, so I didn't put 'em on.

Anyways, after some mud running over our trip to the UP, I noticed that the entire inside of my engine compartment was covered with about 1" of mud. My radiator was caked and I was running really hot on the way home.

Moral. Inner fender flares do actually work. Leave 'em on!

And don't buy those fancy flatfender tube fenders without the inner fenders on them if you see any mud! Or try to fab up an inner fender.