View Full Version : Axle cleanup and rebuild

February 18th, 2006, 03:44 PM
I have a tired old set of 4.10 axles from a 89YJ that I want to get cleaned up in anticipation of some 33" tires for my 93YJ. Brakes need to be rebuilt for sure, and while everything is apart I want to redo the U joints and repack bearings. Does anyone know of a good source of information for a project like this? Axles are new to me, I want to make sure I address all of the potential problem areas before I start putting things back together. No sense in bolting beatup junk back into my Jeep in place of the beatup junk I already have.

February 18th, 2006, 04:40 PM
Talk to Ironman. He can give you good advice. I know he is off line because he is out of power.

February 19th, 2006, 06:48 PM
if u can u want to go to shafts from a 95 1/2 yj, they have bigger u joints, same size as dana 44(297x) yours should have small d30 joints (260x). if u regear u might think about a lunch box locker. they work well and are very cheap. (detroit e-z locker, lock-rite, ect..) if at all possible get rid of the 2 piece long side axle shaft. i thought u could get shafts from a tj d 30 and get the bigger joints and get rid of the 2 piece shaft, double check the tj shafts will fit. (ask ironman) buy a quality u joint solid trunion non greaseable if possible. i put 90,000 miles on my non greaseable joints b4 i swapped em out. greaseable joints have a hollow trunion to pass grease to all caps, weaker than solid in my opinion. the d30 diff and gears wont break with only a 33 in tire, if u break anything it will b a joint or shaft. while its apart check the unit bearings, u dont repack them there non serviceable, (unless 89 is different than i think) mine lasted 100,000 miles and were still good spares. but there not cheap! think i paid 139.95 ea. for timken unit bearings. u could also google dana 30 upgrade and see any other ideas. good luck