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April 10th, 2012, 10:10 PM
4xKIDS JAM - May 10-12, 2012 @ Wilstem Guest Ranch
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As you may know, Fat Boys Jeepers has taken on the project to build a Challenge Course at Camp Riley for the campers.
Many of you have attended 4xKIDS DAY and have seen how appreciative the campers are for the Jeep rides provided by Fat Boys Jeepers. The Challenge course will help campers build confidence and self-reliance—affecting hundreds of children for the next 20-30 years. Fat Boys Jeepers is the only organization charged with the responsibility to complete this project. This project and the 4xKIDS JAM have additional details available on the website www.4xKIDS.org

4xKIDS JAM is an opportunity for all of the Indiana off road community to get involved. You can attend, help advertise, help solicit donations….all to the benefit of the children at Camp Riley.

The Fat Boys Jeepers spring trail ride (formerly Romp’n at the Ranch) has been opened to the public and is now called 4xKIDS JAM and will be held this year at Wilstem Guest Ranch. The event has been expanded to 2.5 days of guided trail rides, 3 dinners and 2 breakfast, Special Events area, Jeep Auction, Raffle, Door prizes, Trading Post and more. Our goal is to have a full event of 80 to 90 Jeeps on May 10-12. The cost for this event is $200 for driver and Jeep, $100 per passenger.

Here is how you could help…..
1.) Consider attending – should be a great weekend, down load special registration form at www.4xKIDS.org
2.) Copy and send this email out to your Jeep friends inviting them to attend…..the more that know about it the better.
3.) Call your Jeep friends and encourage them to attend. A personal invite is much better than a blanket email.
4.) Ask you friends to consider a cash donation to the cause. Donations can be made online via www.4xKIDS.org website.

Please check out the link…..click Donate Now button and it takes you to the Fat Boys Jeepers page on the Riley Children’s
Foundation website. You can make a donation, or sign up to be a club fund raiser. 100% of these donations go the Challenge Course project – no funds are used for management fees. Donations can be of any size, with no minimum. A donation of just $10 a month (about the cost of a pizza) from each IFWDA member would complete this project in just one year. Please consider making a donation.

This is an important project that our off road community can all take pride in. Currently the Challenge Course is planned to be located at the main intersection, across the road from the dam at Bradford Woods. Once completed, a sign documenting the efforts of the Indiana off road community will be visible by all visitors to the camp. This is the type of visibilty that is needed when the politicians consider the values of off road trail riding; or if they should grant additional funding. With everyone lending a helping hand – we will have a great display of giving back to the community.

Limited onsite cabin rentals are still available at the Ranch, reservations @ 812-936-4484

If you have any question, please check the website www.4xKIDS.org and give me a call/email.
Thank you

Ron Mattox
IFWDA Secretary
Fat Boys Jeepers