View Full Version : Another publication in the works help wanted! [Extraction Safety]

January 25th, 2012, 04:22 PM
As some of you have seen I worked with Dr. Whitford from Purdue University to get a publication made on towing. Dr. Whitford now has another safety publication in his sights, and he wants to do one on Extracting Stuck Equipment. He was excited when I mentioned I may be able to get help from the 4x4 community because we get stuck all the time.

I was hoping to get some of you heavy equipment operators to work with him getting him photos, and information to assist in this publication. I plan on getting pictures and video at Snowfari that can be used but he is welcoming any assistance we can get with pictures of accident aftermath where things were not done properly, with 4x4's or any type of heavy equipment. Pictures and direction on doing things safely is also welcomed!

I know Grandman used to have a great writeup on extraction safety and am hoping to get his information to see if he would work with Dr. Whitford as well. If anyone has it and can pass it along that would be great.

I think this is something very important that may help to get extraction safety out there, and could be an asset to the association and community.

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