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February 8th, 2006, 07:12 PM
I have a bunch for sale....some new, some not. Whole thing for 500 bucks. Shipping available for a price. I also will be in the Detroit area on the weekend of Feb. 18th. Also will trade for 33-35 procomp xterrains or swampers for 15 inch rims. Not looking to part this group out at this time.


Here is what I have:

OTC gas quality kit - NEW
OTC Universal Hall effect tester - NEW
HEI tester - USED but works.
Sun LS2000 Lab Scope - USED, no leads, has power cable, works but no warranty on rechargable battery.
Kent-Moore S.I.R. Column Load Tool - NEW
PRi Sensor Signal Tester - Lightly Used
OTC ABS Code Key - NEW
Ingersoll-Rand Inline Sander - USED, works
Random Orbit Sander - USED, Works

Pictures...yea, I know. I hate it when people post crap for sale and don't include pics...you know that is the first thing people are going to ask for...so here they are:

OTC gas quality kit
PIC1 (http://eup.k12.mi.us/~tstrader/sell/gq1.jpg)
PIC2 (http://eup.k12.mi.us/~tstrader/sell/gq2.jpg)
PIC3 (http://eup.k12.mi.us/~tstrader/sell/gq3.jpg)
OTC Universal Hall effect tester
PIC (http://eup.k12.mi.us/~tstrader/sell/hall.jpg)
HEI tester
PIC (http://eup.k12.mi.us/~tstrader/sell/hei.jpg)
Sun LS2000 Lab Scope
PIC (http://eup.k12.mi.us/~tstrader/sell/scope.jpg)
Kent-Moore S.I.R. Column Load Tool
PIC (http://eup.k12.mi.us/~tstrader/sell/sir.jpg)
PRi Sensor Signal Tester
PIC (http://eup.k12.mi.us/~tstrader/sell/sst1.jpg)
OTC ABS Code Key
PIC (http://eup.k12.mi.us/~tstrader/sell/abs.jpg)
Ingersoll-Rand Inline Sander
PIC (http://eup.k12.mi.us/~tstrader/sell/line-sander.jpg)
Random Orbit Sander
PIC (http://eup.k12.mi.us/~tstrader/sell/ro-sander.jpg)

February 10th, 2006, 11:20 PM
Tim I don't need testing equipment but if you want to sell the sanders seperate let me know.