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April 25th, 2011, 06:23 PM
Two Minutes to Help Try to Unlock 43 Million Acres of Our Public Lands

Dear XXXX,

People often think they are powerless to effect any change in the government, but I am here to show you this is just not true. Government is influenced by the people who speak up and I have been working for the past year with Congressman McCarthy to draft this very important bill to release lands which were found to be unsuitable for Wilderness over twenty years ago.

Now we need you to speak up by taking Two Minutes to send a letter to your Congressman urging him to cosponsor and support this important bill.

• All Wilderness Study Areas (WSA) and Roadless areas have been evaluated by the BLM and Forest Service and 43 million acres have been found to be unsuitable for Wilderness Designation.

• The long overdue Release of Wilderness Study Areas (WSA) and Roadless Areas is hampering land management and harming the environment and reducing recreation opportunities on our National Forest and BLM public lands.

• Recreation and other land uses desired by the community and the public are needlessly restricted or prohibited, such as Mountain Bike, Off Road recreation and many other uses.

• A significant amount of resources and funding are wasted each year in patrolling and monitoring these lands for Wilderness standards, even though they are not suitable for Wilderness.

• Active Fire Management is needed, but prohibited in these areas.
Yet twenty two years later these lands continue to languish and be subject to inappropriate restrictive and costly management regulations as if they were Wilderness, merely because they have yet to be released.

Congressman McCarthy will soon be introducing the ‘Wilderness and Roadless Area Release Act” to address these problems.

This is a rare opportunity. Normally those of us who value recreation can merely oppose bills which seek to reduce access and lock up more of our public lands. Today we can rally support for a bill to restore reasonable recreation access and responsible active management to our public lands.

Please take Two Minutes to send a predrafted letter asking your Congressman to cosponsor the Wilderness and Roadless Release Act.

Click here to send your letter now from the ARRA site:
You do not even need to know who your Congressman is. You just enter your address. It does not get any easier than this to help reclaim your public lands for reasonable access and management.

Please speak up and TAKE ACTION now!!!

It does not get any easier than this to help reclaim your public lands for reasonable access and management. We need you to add your voice and contact your Congressman now!

Thanks for your help and being pro active to ensure that these lands, many of which have languished for over two decades after being found unsuitable for Wilderness designation, can finally be released back to their intended appropriate uses.

Many thanks to Congressman Kevin McCarthy for drafting this important and long overdue bill, which I am pleased to have worked with his office over the past year to develop. This is Grassroots Activism at it's best.

~Chris Horgan and your friends at Save the Trails

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It is now a House Resolution with 22 Co-sponsors!

Click here and send your letter. It takes about two minutes of your time.

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