View Full Version : UFWDA Delegate/BOD Conference call Sept 2010

October 17th, 2010, 12:53 PM
What a GREAT meeting of updates since the AGM from the Board, utilizing the "Go To Meeting" internet technology. Every bit of the 2 hours was informative.

The tax solutions sound better than any of us could have expected. Great work by Paul Hittie and his contacts and Bob DeVore.

We need to get Carla's verbal report put on an audio that we could share with all the Organizations' membership. Only hearing her words can make such an impact on the importance of her and UFWDA work at the Federal level. It was GREAT to hear we have her back on retainer where needed!

Please send me a copy of the presentation slides so I can share them with GLFWDA members and IFWDA members.


Additional Summary of meeting discussions - (I may be off in a few details, from my notes, if anyone needs to correct me ?)

Need more articles, pictures and "short current activitiy write ups" for the E-News, deadline is the 10th of each month. send to e-news@ufwda.org

Need all e-mail addresses to include in distribution of E-News and Voice.

Need all Member Organizations to add the UFWDA RSS feed to their Home Page at their websites.

Per Carla, Chris Saunders is doing an excellent job with Land Use, reminds her of the work of the great Alan Lane!

12 years of IRS tax filings made (they only required 6 but we wanted to cover ourselves). Paid $176 +/- in fines regarding descrepencies in two W-2 forms and $250 in tax attorney fees. Some funds set aside, during 3 year review period, for IRS determination to settle/accept.

FREE Fridays on Facebook. Also UFWDA presence on other social media sites.

Sept 28 judicial meeting regarding Tellico, details at a later date.

UFWDA website upgrade Launch Date soon (NOW available) Go visit www.ufwda.org

October 17th, 2010, 02:09 PM
Great work.
Thank you Doug!