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October 3rd, 2010, 08:38 AM
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From Pirate4x4 Land Use Forum (originally posted there by nuthinfancy)

Cliffnotes: These people are looking on You Tube and such to find videos to use against us. Making it a contest to find these videos and post them up to show how we destroy public land and should be banned.

This is posted on the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance website: http://www.suwa.org/site/PageServer?...Contest&ref=nf

ORV Mayhem Video Contest
Surf the Web and See What Happens on Utah's Public Lands

Utah’s magnificent redrock country, renowned for its stunning landscape of serpentine canyons, iconic buttes and slickrock mesas, is gradually being converted into an off-road vehicle (ORV) theme park. A quick look at YouTube reveals the extent of the destruction.
YouTube - Hill climb at caineville utah on the KTM

As a result of the Bush land use plans that were rushed through during the waning hours of the last administration, Utah’s public lands are being managed as playgrounds for ORVs. The Bush Plans are making it increasingly difficult to escape the high-pitched whine, exhaust fumes, and dust clouds of ATVs and dirt bikes buzzing through canyons and across broad plateaus, and the grinding gears of jeeps crawling up steep slickrock ledges. Deep ruts, damaged and muddied streams, and the signature black tire marks of these conquering destructive machines scar the desert for decades.

In eastern Utah alone, the Bush Plans designated over 20,000 miles of ORV routes and a few cross-country ORV “play areas.” These routes cross through ancient Native American cultural sites, scarce desert streams, and proposed wilderness areas. The Bush Plans made a whopping 85% of southern Utah’s public lands available for ORV use; as a result the vast majority of these lands are within a mere mile (that’s eight city blocks!) of a designated ORV route.

The Salt Lake Tribune editorialized that the Bush Plans are “not multiple use, but an attempt [by] the Bush administration to remove public lands protections . . . from irresponsible OHV use that has already scarred public lands, caused erosion, disturbed the migratory habits and habitat of wildlife and dirtied creeks and streams.” [BLM Plan for Moab: Agency’s Notion of Balance Shorts Protection, Salt Lake Tribune editorial, Aug. 4, 2008.]

The Obama administration should fix these horrendous plans, not perpetuate them.

We want your help in collecting ORV Mayhem videos from YouTube and other websites, or from your own collection, illustrating the type of ORV use that occurs, legally (!), on Utah’s public lands as a result of the out-of-balance and misguided Bush plans. Prizes will be awarded for the best (really, worst) videos in the following categories:

* Overall ORV Mayhem – catchall for worst damage, destruction or user conflict caused by ORV use on Utah’s public lands.
View sample video: YouTube - Multiple Jeep Roll in Moab, Utah

* Ripping Up Riparian Mayhem – ORVs roaring through streams and desert “potholes,” causing stream bank erosion, increased sediment, and water pollution from engine oils and fluids in scarce desert riparian areas that support 85% of all wildlife.
View sample video: YouTube - Jeep rollover in Hot tub on Hells Revenge Jeep Safari 2008

* Choking on Dust Mayhem – ORVs churning up dust and topsoil in the desert, resulting in increased soil erosion.
View sample video: YouTube - Rhino Rally Novice Start 2007

* Burning Rubber Mayhem – ORVs leaving black tire marks on slickrock, breaking sandstone ledges, spinning out . . . you get the idea.
View sample video: YouTube - Project-JK Highlights: Moab Metal Masher Trail

There are two ways to enter:

1. Tweet the video link using hashtag #ORVmayhem.

2. Email the video link to ORVmayhem@suwa.org.

Contest Rules:

* Videos must depict ORV use on Utah’s public lands. Examples to get you started include: Moquith Mountain, Factory Butte, Tenmile, White Wash Sand Dunes, Arch Canyon, Hog Canyon, Indian Creek . . .

* Videos should depict ORV use that is causing damage to Utah’s public lands and resources, and/or causing conflicts with other users of Utah’s public lands.

* Limit of 2 video entries per person.

* If multiple entries of the same video are submitted, we will accept the first entry received for the contest.

* Employees of SUWA and their immediate families are not eligible for the contest.

* The deadline for submitting ORV Mayhem videos is September 30, 2010.

Winners in each category will receive prizes, including some great outdoor gear (more details to come)!

Help us show the Obama Administration why the Bush Plans must be fixed NOW!