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September 8th, 2010, 04:20 PM
Ok, I have an assortment of Craftsman C3 cordless tools for sale. I purchased them at the beginning of January so they are less than a year old. I am selling because my local Sears store is a bunch of idiots and I'm sick of dealing with them. Basically, every time I've had an issue with a broken took (normally wrenchs and such) they waste about 20 minutes of my time and then end up telling me to go to the Flint store. The last time I was in there I was trying to get a replacement battery (I have two) for these tools because after about two charges the charger said the battery was no good. They wasted my time again and then told me to go to Flint. I called Flint, and they told me because I didn't have my reciept I couldn't get a replacement, even though when the Fenton store sold it to me they told me I didn't need it because it was all in the computer (I even bought the extended warranty). Anyway, this is what I have:

I will list everything seperate and the current price for them:
C3 Drill/Driver $51.19
C3 Reciprocating saw $49.88
C3 Circular Trim saw $64.99
C3 Handvac $24.99
C3 Light $14.99
C3 Smart Charger $31.49
C3 Battery $34.99
Total of everything $272.52

In reality, I purchased the drill, one battery, a cheapo charger, the light, handvac, and trim saw in a kit for something like $140. Then the Reciprocating saw was another $60ish and a second battery and the smart charger was like another $55 at the time. So I have around $250 in this set up. As stated, there are two batteries, but one is messed up. The trim saw has never been used. The drill, reciprocating saw, and handvac have been used, but not a whole bunch. They are in very good condition. I'm buying some new tools that don't require me to deal with Sears so I don't need any of it any longer.

Come get it for $150.