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May 7th, 2010, 03:55 PM
Time is running out to get your hotel room at the group rate, May 17 is the last day to get your discount. The last day to register for AGM is June 1, all UFWDA members are welcome.

May 27th, 2010, 12:32 PM
I participated in the UFWDA teleconference call on the evening of Tuesday 5/25. I am registered as the Delegate for Great Lakes. It lasted from 8:00 until 10:30 PM. Many topics of discussion, in preparation for the Annual General Meeting next month. I'll review some key points (**) as they should be Discussion points for the next GLWDA Quarterly. I am asking for feedback from the membership.

It was discussed that at the 2009 AGM the attendees voted to lower the membership fee back to $15, which was the price in 2007. The attendees felt by lowering the membership fees, additional members would return. In order for UFWDA to breakeven, all Member Organizations would need to increase their paid memberships in 2010. But breakeven won't allow for rehiring an Office Manager to assist with the daily operational duties of UFWDA or return Carla to full retainer. UFWDA is working to bring back some Organizations that dropped their 100% membersship status.

As you can understand with volunteer leadership, UFWDA is burning through their volunteer Board members because they are required to perform the daily tasks of answering the phone, opening the mail, writing and keeping the bookkeeping for an International Organization that needs to spend it's leaders' time working on land access and increasing our membership roles. It is critical to replace the Office Manager position at United.

As your Delegate I want to be prepared when I attend the AGM in June to offer ideas, suggestions and solutions that GLFWDA would like to see UFWDA implement in its Business Plan, going forward into 2011. UFWDA wants to hear what are GLFWDA's Goals & Objectives for UFWDA to concentrate on in 2011? Topics of discussion to be proposed at the AGM include:

**Business Plan update
**Telephone answering service - human or automated
**Mailing handling service
**Member participation, how to incease
**Member communication, how to accomplish successfully
Nomination & Election of Officers
Appointed positions
Awards ( it is not too late to submit)
Event insurance available
UFWDA to appear at strategic events across US in 2011
2011 AGM location and 35th Anniversary of UFWDA

If I can expand on any of these, please ask.
I am leaving on June 11 for Drummond Island for the GLFWDA Quarterly on Sunday and a little wheeling on Saturday. I will attempt to be in email/internet contact. UFWDA AGM starts Monday, 6/14.

Support the Sport and Keep our Trails Open!

Doug :soap:

June 8th, 2010, 12:02 PM
If any CLUBS and/or Associate Members would like to make any donations for raffle prizes for the UFWDA AGM Banquet next Wednesday night, feel free to bring them to the Quarterly meeting or get them to Melanie Mulder.

THANKS for your Support the Sport!

August 9th, 2010, 10:22 PM

Guess I should get around to my Report to the Association.
I have attached the Minutes of the 2010 UFWDA Annual General Meeting.
After reading them, if there are any questions or clarifications please ask myself, Paul H, Bob D, or Jim M.

It was a very productive meeting in the sense that ALL positions were filled at the drop of the gavel at closing.
It has been awhile since all positions, both elected and appointed, have been filled.
THANK YOU to ALL those who have stepped up to be of SERVICE to our SPORT! Worldwide!

The meeting agenda went well and we tried a few new things that hopefully we can expand and incorporate into future meeting formats. As a repeat, THANKS to Tim Tull for the use of the Conference Center, it was a GREAT facility and worked well for our group.

We received promising reports for New Business partnerships and Land Use partnering. Membership continues to be a challenge at ALL levels, international, national, regional, state and club. We must continue to explore and utilize technology to communicate with the Full-Size 4-Wheeler regarding Land Access and the ongoing threats of continuing trail/land access closures. Also, not unexpected, the Delegates and Board discussed the finances and dues structure. The conclusion was NO change for the 2010-2011 year, but it was recognized by ALL that finance structure/dues will be a topic for serious discussion prior to and during the 2011 AGM. You heard it hear, so don't say it was a surprise NEXT year!

Look for future changes to the UFWDA website. Additional trail events are supported by the Delegates, whether sponsored directly by United or in comjunction with other UFWDA member organizations. The Safety Awareness training program is still in demand and the "presentation portion" is currently being looked at to improve a consistant message. A new video may also be in the works soon.

The tax issue still looms and this Delegate and those in attendance have voted to direct the current Board to move forward with a plan to resolve it once and for all. Our own Paul H has been included in the group that will spearhead the solution. THANKS Paul for your continued efforts to bring this issue to conclusion, when in the past so many have just ignored it, hoping it would just go away.

Other successes we expect -

improved and regular communication between Delegates and Board
Land Use Committee to provide updates and direction to Carla B and for all involved
fiscal responsibility, accountability and reporting pledge by our President and Treasurer
Member Organization renewal notices on a timely basis
Event Insurance now available to Member Organizations
2011 AGM location and 35th Anniversary Celebration
2012 AGM host and location proposed by a Member Organization

THANKS to Great Lakes for the vote of confidence to allow me to again attend the UFWDA AGM and represent the GREAT association of fellow 4-wheelers from GLFWDA.

August 11th, 2010, 10:42 AM
Thank you for the report Doug!