View Full Version : 115,000 btu Kerosene heater

July 17th, 2004, 02:29 PM
Kind that blows a flame out the front...needs 110v to operate fan on it.

It is a little beat up, but you flick the switch and it starts the flame just fine. Hotter than heck.

I was planning on wire brushing it and painting it a little and use it in my garage, but honestly I don't have the room for it anymore.

Also I was going to use it to get rid of the snow down my entire driveway....turn it on in the garage and open the door.....I'm confident it would throw enough heat to melt the snow the 50' length of my driveway!!!!

Perfect for a large metal pole barn etc...

First 75 bucks takes it home. email lgottler@123.net